Guest Blogger – Zoe from Zoe & Morgan

(Zoe pictured left)

What inspires you?
A/ Well Zoe and Morgan is designed by Morgan & I so different things inspire us. Morgan is all about crystals and stones at the moment – he just went on a gem shopping trip to Thailand – where lots of the stones from around the world are cut and sold on, and to Jaipur in India. 

Here are a couple of snaps from his trip:

     And my current obsession is flowers it’s a simple pleasure and these pics say it all:
  What do you love about NZ?
            A/ The life style. I feel in New Zealand I can be the Mother & wife I’d like to be  
       and the business woman too. My social calendar isn’t as busy as it was in London so I 
       have more time with the people I love.
       Where do you live? We live in Grey Lynn and we travel a few times each year to Bali.   
       My mantra at the moment is “ the world is my cottage – freedom my mind”.

            What’s the best thing about your job and what you do?

       A/ Again it’s the life style. We grew up travelling around this world and as an adult I  
      still get a total thrill out of travel! I just got back from Paris Fashion week and although  
      we have exhibited there every season since the brand started 6 years ago – I never 
      get bored or miss home on a work trip!! 
   Who is your favorite person?
   A/ My dad – the whole reason we created a jewellery brand. 

(Above: Zoe’s dad in Ibiza, early 1970s.)

         What Superette item are you lusting over?

 A/ Twentysevennames 313 Coat! Buy it here.
   What do you do in your spare time?

   A/ I have been enjoying the vineyards on Waiheke.

   Do you have any hidden hobbies or talents?

              A/ I’d like to learn to play the piano – but there’s no amazing natural talent there! 
        Just something I’d like to pick up. My husband is the music man, I just like to listen.

        What do you love about Winter?

            A/ Wearing amazing coats! Early nights around fires with red wine, skiing in 

  Favourite things about your new collection?

  A/ Travelers and Magicians has just arrived in NZ – I really enjoyed making this  
  collection. My fav piece from the collection is the cobra hoop earring it’s perfect 
  for everyday wear and the cobra is a symbol of protection. 

Sneak peek of the London shoot below. 

Shop the collection at Superette store or online here.