Ode to Kaws


Born Brian Donnelly, Brooklyn based artist and designer KAWS has taken the design world by storm over the last decade. His use of bold, bright colours slathered over pop culture imagery and advertisements can be seen around the world. His clothing labels and vinyl toys have also made their way into the mainstream. Ode to Kaws

Are you ready for the weekend?

The week is winding down and with this less than fantastic weather we’re dreaming of the weekend.
— We thought we would put together a cosy weekend outfit for all —
Click links below to shop now!! Perfect day for some splurging x
Superette ‘Star Tights’, $49.
Life With Bird ‘Max Zip Tote Bag’, $689.
Superette ‘Leopard Scarf’, $69.
Stolen Girlfriend’s Club ‘Mod Check Crew’, $239.
Nudie Jeans Co ‘Big Bengt Worn Down Jean‘, $485.
I Love Ugly ‘Haze Flower Cap’, $75.
ATG ‘Back Pack’, $219.