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Put together the ultimate dinner party. Add candles, beautiful plates, eccentric glassware and more for the ultimate tablescaping moment. Here’s how we would do it.

Beautiful Plates

It’s easy to argue that plates are the most important part of any table. After all, that’s where the food goes. They’re also the most important factor to creating more than just a dinner setting.

Beautiful plates create an instagram-worthy aesthetic like no other. We love to mix and match between colours, shapes and patterns.

Shop clockwise: In the Roundhouse x Superette 20th Celebration Plate | In the Roundhouse Check Plate | In the Roundhouse Buon Appetito Plate | In the Roundhouse Green and Pink Wave Border Plate | In the Roundhouse Sardines Plate | In the Roundhouse Amore Plate

Serving Dishes

With good reason, serving dishes come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favourite trays and bowls for all your serving needs.

Shop clockwise: Claybird Ceramics Apres Swim Pool Tray | Robert Gordon Bowl | Claybird Ceramics Bathe Pool Bowl | Sage and Clare Sloane Bowl | Maison Balzac Scallop Plater | Robert Gordon Salad Bowl

Eccentric Glassware

There’s something to say about eccentric glassware. Beautiful colours, shapes and sizes. These pieces are sure to bring the wow-factor to the table.

Shop clockwise: Maison Balzac 2 Glass Coupes | Maison Balzac 2 Pomponette Gobelets | Fazeek Wave Coupe Set | Maison Balzac Martini Glass | Fazeek Wave Glass Set of 2 | Bonnie and Neil Glass Tumbler Set of 2


Look good, taste good, smell good. Every factor is considered in the ultimate tablescaping setting. We love to bring the mood to the table with a candlelit moment and a fresh aroma.

Shop clockwise: Areaware Goober Candle | Black Blaze Column Pillar Candle Duo | Fred Candles Patchouli, Maple and Mint Candle | Black Blaze Wide Column Pillar Candle | Superette Weekend Candle | Citta Small Costa Pillar Candle

The Little Additions

The little additions are often overlooked in a tablescaping setting. It’s important to focus on the details. Whether it’s salt & pepper shakers, coasters, or even bottle openers – we have got you covered.

Shop clockwise: Sage and Clare Davey Bottle Opener | In The Roundhouse Coaster Set of 4 | Corey Ashford Cocktail Coasters Set of 2 | Robert Gordon Butter Dish | Menu Bottle Grinder 2 Pack | In The Roundhouse Scalloped Placemat Set of 4

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