Introducing Poppie Pack

Sydney-based, Kiwi photographer and designer Poppie Pack describes her style as ‘salty’ – and thinks of her images more as paintings than photographs.

Detailed, considered and fresh, she creates a nostalgic, feel-good vibe that people can welcome into their homes. Artworks perfectly capture a coastal Antipodean lifestyle, filled with summertime revellers, white-capped waves and shimmering seafront pools with the glacial hues of lemonade icy-poles.

The Work.

Milky, Icebergs.
“Poolside at Iconic swim club Icebergs in Bondi Beach, Summer.”

Towels of Tamarama.
Sun lovers taking in the December rays, Tamarama Beach, Summer.

30 Degree Days.
The first taste of Summer, Bondi Beach. Covid red rope keeping safety lines clear.

Crisp Dip.
“Steps of Icebergs Pool, Summer.”

And Breathe..
“Sundowns like fairy floss unicorns, Tamarama.”

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