Your Super Guide To ‘90s New York Jackets

There’s only two words to describe ’90s New York Jackets: oversized and stylish.

Here’s our super guide to everything you need to know about the popular jackets of the era, and how to do them.

The North Face Puffers.

The North Face puffers are as iconic and ’90s New York retro as it gets. They have been making jackets for over half a century. But it was in the 1990s when the brand’s jackets created its hardcore cult-following in urban areas like New York.

Fans of the brand attest that the company was at its summit (no pun intended) during that decade. The jackets released then are praised not just for their ingenious technical design or quality, but also for their flair.

Yet when it comes down to it, this gear was unintentionally made for New York City. The hardcore collectors of the brand say that wearing North Face is more than just fashion — it’s a genuine New York subculture.

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Varsity Bomber Jackets.

This collegiate trend has infiltrated wardrobes everywhere. Preppy and stylish, and designed to suit just about everyone, the varsity bomber jacket holds an influence beyond their college affiliate. Taking over the streets, these unique pieces are loved by style icons and celebrities across the globe.

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Leather Jackets.

The craze of the leather jacket began in the 1950’s. Inspired by numerous stars of the time, the “greaser” style trend took over the decade. With the ‘bad boy’ aesthetic at the top of the trend, leather jackets became popular like never before.

A classic leather jacket was a must-have in the 90s, and for every decade since. Embraced by New Yorkers as iconic, warm and long-lasting, this Jackets trend is a must have for any NYC wardrobe.

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