Twenty Super Years: James and Rickie On Building Their Business

James and Rickie get candid about the concept behind Superette and the key to building a brand in your twenties. 

Where did the name ‘Superette’ come from?

J: It encapsulated having no boundaries of what we put in the space. It was sort of like a minimart, a superette, or a corner store – putting in what is needed or what is desirable or cool at the time. It didn’t have any limitations, and that was perfect at the start. Coffee, artwork, furniture, sunglasses, watches, candles, it was limitless for us which was perfect. 

What are some of the benefits of starting a business in your twenties?

R: You don’t evaluate. You’re obviously young, you’ve got a lot of energy. You just kept going, and if that product didn’t work, you’d change it up. We’ve always said that the biggest thing is that you don’t analyze anything too deeply, you just do it. You don’t evaluate the risk factor. 

J: It’s like a young kid skateboarding or snowboarding or even climbing a tree. As you get older, you start looking down and thinking “f**k I’m really high”, but when you’re younger you don’t question it. 

Did you ever doubt Superette would make it?

R: We were always taking it day by day. Not forecasting for the future in any way. We did have a lot of odds against us, being young, doing something that was so new and fresh, being in the back streets… but we were so motivated to do what we could to make it work. 

What’s a style trend you miss?

J: There’s nothing we really miss. A big part of fashion really is about the trends that come and go. At the time, they were really exciting. Even looking back at a printed jean – like the leopard jean – that had a real moment, they were so great at the time. 

How do you pick items for the store? What makes you say “yes” or “no” to something?

J: Always asking ourselves whether we would want it ourselves. 

If you could give the world one style tip, what would it be?

R: Don’t try to force it. Wear something that feels comfortable and true to you. 

What are you planning for the next 20 years?

J: Like from day one, who knows where we will be but we’re definitely not stopping and we’ll continue to innovate, create and be better than yesterday. 

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