Behind The Scenes With Our Super Staff

A spotlight on some of our Super staff who’ve grown with us along the way and helped shape Superette into what it is today. 

Gayleen, Visual Merchandiser

“My time with Superette has allowed me to form and grow relationships with people who are courageous, dynamic, visionary, passionate and caring. These are both my work colleagues and customers of Superette. 

I love being able to share my passion – inspiring others to be confident and to be their best selves”. 

Josie, Womenswear Buyer

“It has been so much fun to have been around for the last decade to witness it all! From a small office space out the back of the Ponsonby store with a handful of us doing everything from dispatch to e-comm shoots, to where we are now with departments and teams. Superette’s success is a testament to Rickie and James’ dedication and passion.” 

Kim, Accessories, Home & Beauty Buyer

“I’ve been fortunate to experience and learn many different roles throughout my seven years at Superette, from starting as a stock co-ordinator in stores, to dispatch, returns, product planning and the list goes on. Rickie and James’ dedication and passion for their vision is so inspiring and I’m proud to work alongside them every day.”

Chereen, People Experience Advisor

“Over the last seven incredible years I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow at Superette whilst studying. To be offered a new role within the company that I love was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I feel very grateful to spend everyday with like-minded people”. 

Linda, Accounts Administrator

“Over the past 20 years it’s been great to see how the growth and strength of Superette has grown. It’s a credit to James & Rickie to see their idea they had back in 2002 and to where they have come through to today.

It’s great to work in an environment with people who are passionate at what they do.”

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