Introducing Moon Boots

Needing no introduction, Moon Boots has officially joined our Superette family.

Inspired by the Moon Landing, this iconic boot has an irresistible mix of extra and bold aesthetic, surreal attitude and a playful gender-neutral spirit. A classic relic of Y2K footwear; a resurfaced era of fashion that is taking over 2022.

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Moon Boot, the legendary brand was established in 1969 by Giancarlo Zanatta.

Inspired by the first moon landing, G. Zanatta designed the boots after seeing an image of a large footprint on the lunar surface, and the large synthetic boots that created them. He fell in love with the footprint, and the vision.

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The boots were designed as an ‘after-ski boot’. Made to provide sturdy grip and insulation whilst venturing around in the snow.

They then designed ski boots made out of leather, fur, and then later made some out of synthetic material. The boots were officially launched in 1970 in a fashion show in Milan, where they were a huge success. They were new, different and original, and they still are.

They gained worldwide recognition as a retro-futuristic fashion product in the 2000s, where they were worn by famous iconic celebrities of the era such as Paris Hilton. They fit in perfectly with the extremely popular fashion movement of the era; the Y2K aesthetic.

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