The Super Icons Series: A day in the life with Lucy, Lisa and Alison

Introducing the Super Icon Series. Meet Lucy – our Brand Marketing Manager here at Superette with her mother, Lisa and Grandmother, Alison. They share with us what a day in the life looks like, what their favourite pieces in their wardrobes are and how they would describe their relationship.

Tell us a little about yourself? What keeps you busy?  

Lucy: I’m the Brand Marketing Manager at Superette which keeps me very busy throughout the week and I absolutely love it! Day to day you can find me working on Superette campaigns, the experience in-store at Superette, content and copy for our channels, planning brand launches and working closely with our wider Superette team. I also have a sleepwear brand called Jolie that you can find online at Superette. It’s another creative outlet for me that I love working on whenever I get a spare minute outside of work. On the weekends you can find me walking the beach with my boyfriend and our puppy, Teddy, or escaping away to our family bach in Omaha – it’s my absolute happy place.

Lisa: I enjoy being with my family, exercising and socialising with my friends when I’m not working. I love doing reformer pilates with my daughter and my girlfriends – it kicks my butt every time! We also love spending time together in Omaha as a family – it’s a very special place for our family and we try to get up there whenever we can.

Alison: I’m Lucy’s grandmother and Lisa’s mother, and we all live close by which is fantastic – we’re a very tight knit family. Aside from being with my family, I love looking after my husband, we do the worldle together everyday and I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

From left to right: Lisa wears the Summery Copenhagen Shirt | Lucy wears the Magali Pascal Lola Shirt and Anine Bing Roxanne Jean

What do you love doing together most?

Lucy: Family is everything to me and we all love spending time together. My entire family all lives within the same suburb which makes it easy to pop in and catch up. For the last twenty years we’ve also spent our summers up in Omaha together – I have so many fond memories from over the years. I’ll often go for a walk with mum on the weekends and we always stop in for a coffee and almond croissant!

Lisa: Being together and celebrating family times at the beach house and enjoying nature. Lucy and I will often catch up for a walk and coffee dates – it’s the best.

Alison: That would definitely be spending time in Omaha together. I love our big family dinners and the excitement around Christmas and the summer time.

From left to right: Lucy wears the Magali Pascal Lola Shirt and Anine Bing Roxanne Jean | Lisa wears the Summery Copenhagen Shirt

How are you similar and how are you different?  

Lucy: I would say we are similar in many ways. I’ve learnt from my mother and grandmother how important it is to look for the goodness and positivity in everything, to create your own opportunities, to work hard, and most importantly, show kindness and be a good human being. I’ve had amazing role models – my mother is an absolute superwoman and can quite literally make anything happen and always puts others before herself. My grandmother is incredibly generous and always goes out of her way to make everyone feel special.

Lisa: We all like to set the bar high but Lucy is extremely creative, like my mother, in everything they do.

Alison: My daughter Lisa is extremely thoughtful and is always thinking about everyone else. She manages to do it all! I don’t know how she does it. Lucy, my granddaughter, is very much like me, she’s a perfectionist and is very creative.

How would you describe your style?

Lucy: I always steer towards timeless and elegant pieces. Casual yet polished.

Lisa: Classically on trend

Alison: Classic, understated and feminine.

Lucy wears the Silk Laundry Bias Cut Pants and is pictured with the Camilla and Marc Lomela Blazer | Get the look: Magali Pascal Loretta Cami | Superette Tyler Blazer

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Lucy: Too many!! I will forever adore my Gucci handbag, I bought it on special trip to Paris so it will always be nostalgic and a favourite of mine. My Silk Laundry bias cut pants are my go-to at the moment – they feel so beautiful to wear. I also love a good tailored blazer (my favourite at the moment is the Samsoe Haven Blazer.)

Lisa: I think it’s fair to say I’m a shoe person and lucky for Lucy, she is the same size as me! I love a bright pop of colour too – whether it’s a statement bag, shoe or blazer.

Alison: My jewellery pieces are some of my most treasured items. Pieces that have been handed down to me as well as pieces I’ve received from my husband. They are very special to me.

From left to right: Lisa wears the Summery Copenhagen Shirt | Lucy wears the Magali Pascal Lola Shirt and Anine Bing Roxanne Jean

How would you describe your mum/daughter?

Lucy: My Mum is the most thoughtful, kind and upbeat person – nothing is ever a problem – there’s no one quite like her. My grandmother is also super caring and always looking for ways to make someone feel special.

Lisa: My daughter Lucy is very kind and clever and an awesome person to hang out with. She goes after what she wants. My Mother Alison is the most amazing cook and is always wanting to look after everyone around her.

Alison: I’m so proud of my daughter and granddaughter – they’re both driven, kind and can do anything they put their mind to.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

Lucy: You’re in charge of your own life and happiness.

Lisa: Aside from trusting your gut, I think when dealing with a moral dilemma, do the right thing even if it’s the hardest choice because then you can live with yourself.

Alison: Look for the positivity and joy in every day.

From left to right: Lucy wears the Silk Laundry Bias Cut Pants and is pictured with the Camilla and Marc Lomela Blazer | Lucy wears the Superette Haven Shirt and Golden Goose Sneaker

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