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Sustainability has been making its mark in recent years. With many fashion brands largely focusing on reducing negative impacts. Creating a sustainable future in fashion comes from working together; supporting those that do, and helping guide those that don’t.

In honour of the environment and our responsibility, we wanted to highlight some of the brands we stock here at Superette that are setting the mark for sustainability. Brands that have been doing it right for years.

Superette Leisure Club.

Superette Leisure Club is a new concept for Superette that’s here to stay. Designed for leisure and for life, with no compromise on quality and sustainability.

The range is made from high quality organic cotton, certified with the global standard, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and features bright pops of colour in the female range and more monochromatic tones in the menswear range.

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Bassike was founded on three principles: considered design, responsible business and sustainable manufacturing. From the first collection in 2006, they have designed with organic cotton and produced fabric and garments in Australia. These short supply chains mean a reduced carbon footprint and total transparency.

Longevity, not landfill. They have an aim for a sustainable future in fashion. They have achieved zero waste with their jersey products. 97% of their jersey fabric is used to make garments and the remainder is donated to local mechanics to use as cloths or held for future production. As a company they are also on track to reduce excess raw materials by 50% by 2025. They do this by working with an Australian company that recycled garments into cleaning materials as well as a local University to donate excess fashion fabrics for students to use.

Bassike is now officially B Corp certified.

This milestone reflects the many commitments made over the years to make better choices and foster systems and processes to sustain people, planet and prosperity. Approaching responsible business holistically and transparently. By purchasing a Bassike product, you know you are supporting an Australian-owned, design led, ethical and sustainable business. Bassike continues to strive for authentic clothes, honestly made, using business as a force for good.

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Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie Jeans is based on an idea. This idea is in turn composed of several concepts, beliefs, and a good portion of old fashioned fighting spirit. 

Their environmental philosophy was present even before the first collection was designed. Driven by conviction and determination, the process for an all-organic denim brand took off. Since 2012 all Nudie Jeans denim is made with 100% organic cotton.

Their jeans are not designed to be used a few times and then thrown away. They cherish the well-worn and mended. Jeans that become a part of ourselves when worn a long time – a second skin. Nudie Jeans offer free repairs and a lifetime warranty on all their denim. All this equals a smarter way to consume, and an environmentally sustainable product.

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More than a denim company, RE/DONE is a brand with a mission – a mission to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, to keep heritage brands relevant, and create sustainable, mindful fashion.

Reimagining iconic heritage brands is at the core of re/done. They began with the original concept of upcycling vintage Levi’s into modern fits, employing preloved raw goods to create brand new styles while extending the life of stagnant stock. Since launch, they have diverted over 145,000 garments from landfills and reconstructed them into coveted luxury collectables. 

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Ena Pelly.

Effortless dressing, mindfully designed, for the way we live now. Ena Pelly have a drive for sustainable and environmental fashion. Sustainable faux fur, ethically sourced leather, recycled cotton, and 1% for the planet.

In 2020 they introduced a unique recycled polyester faux fur fabrication to their sustainability story. Leveraging cutting edge technology, the humble plastic bottle is collected en masse, chipped, melted and spun into yarn to create a unique and super-soft faux fur material.

Ena Pelly’s leather garments are made from smooth and pebbled leathers which are ethically sourced to strict Australian, New Zealand, French and Chinese industry standards and are a by-product of the meat industry. They hand select high-quality skins with minimal blemishes in order to minimise solvent waste and the use of excess water during the tanning treatment.

With a commitment to develop log term sustainable partnerships to address social and environmental problems, Ena Pelly are part of the 1% organisation, donate 1$ of all sales to making the world more sustainable.

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Status Anxiety.

Since 2004, Status Anxiety been doing our darndest to create high quality, minimalist leather goods that complement this ethos of simplicity and true value in all areas of our lives including what we buy.

Status Anxiety are committed to doing our thing more sustainably. Slower consumption is key. As a brand we’re about creating quality, timeless pieces that last. They’re super conscious that their leathers must be ethically sourced and as sustainable as possible in the way they’re processed.

They use only premium leathers, which are a by-product of the food industry and sourced only from countries with strict ethical production standards. All their furs and prints are hides, not rare or endangered animals. As it should be.

Over the past couple of years they have almost completely transitioned to using only biodegradable or recycled packaging. The majority of product that is returned to them with a fault is repaired and resold at their annual warehouse sale. No one likes a waster.

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Babyanything is built on a foundation where respect and care are part of everything they do at every level.

Babyanything are honoured to create and work on Gadigal Land, part of the Eora nation. They acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, whose culture and customs have kept this beautiful land sacred. They pay our respects to the elders, past, present and emerging.

They source our materials exclusively from premium local and international suppliers. Their raw metal is sourced from the only company in Australia to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. All of their diamonds, gemstones and pearls are hand-sourced from their trusted dealers within Australia and overseas.

Babyanything are deeply committed to manufacturing sustainably. They work within a closed-loop system where they recycle all scrap metal. They create our products in small production runs to ensure they are not over-using resources and creating waste.

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The North Face.

The North Face are striving to protect the places we love to explore. They are committed to creating the best products on earth, while working to leave the earth better for future generations.

Nature is at the heart of all they do. It’s why they’ve created four actionable commitments to keep us on the path of sustainability from start to finish. From being more intentional and innovative in the way they create products, to helping their customers shop sustainably and understand how to take care of and extend the life of their gear, to giving used gear a second life— they take their responsibility seriously to help lessen their impact on the places we explore.

They have four major commitments that they strive to achieve; scale circularity, 100% responsibly-sourced apparel fabrics by 2025, work in tandem with suppliers and retailers, and accelerate sustainable packaging.

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Ursa Major.

Forest-Infused, Adventure-Inspired. Committed to nourishing the skin to look and feel its best, Ursa Major delivers a natural line of skin care products made to boost a healthy lifestyle.

Ursa Major strive to make natural skincare which do more in less time. A grab-and-go driven brand so people can get out the door and do what really counts. The products are made from powerful active ingredients with refreshing natural aromas. They contain no suspect chemicals, and have clean, lightweight textures.

As a brand they are committed to raising the bar for what it means to be a sustainable skincare company, starting with the small things and working towards the big ones. They focus their efforts towards having smart, sustainable packaging, using less plastic, using only naturally derived products with no conventional chemicals, and more. The brand has also funded projects at multiple organisations that aim protect and preserve the planet.

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