The Super Icons Series: A day in the life with Shaun and Gayleen

Introducing the Super Icon Series. Meet Shaun and his mother figure, Gayleen – our 2IC in our Ponsonby Store and our Visual Merchandising Manager for Superette. They share with us what a day in the life looks like for them, what their favourite pieces are in their wardrobe and how they would describe their relationship.

Tell us a little about yourself? What keeps you busy?  

S: Hi! Im Shaun, Support Manager at Ponsonby! My job keeps me quite busy during the week otherwise I’m all for socialising, photography & design during my days off.

G: Hi I’m G – Mum, Grandma G to my grandsons and G to my Superette family. I’m Superette’s Visual Merchandiser. Model, dabbling painter, traveler, cook, gardener, florist, and collector of things that inspire me.

What do you love doing together most?

S: Merching our store weekly, we align well with ideas for the store and to top it off always have the best laughs about anything – great bond!

G: Shaun and I work together at Superette Ponsonby – A team!

How are you similar and how are you different?  

S: Our vision for the store, I believe we have very similar drive in work and passion! 

G: We both love fashion , VM, and a challenge. We share a mutual respect if each other. Our greatest difference would be our ages. It just shows though the age is only a number.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

S: My current favourite piece is my Once We’re Human – Davis Pants which are a good staple piece that I can match with any top or jacket, super comfy and light for those busy days at work – can’t do wrong with them!

G: I love a mix. Love to throw in something unique or perhaps vintage. Love to play with different textures and colors Accessories and shoes are my thing. Really really appreciate beautiful tailoring. 
My favorite item – that’s a hard one. Probably my Manning Cartell Power Pastel Blazer.

How would you describe your relationship with you nearest and dearest?

S: Best support person you could ask for, always there when you need. And G is very iconic! I’m surrounded by many mother figures at Superette

G: My daughter never fails to amaze me! Her beauty both inside and out, the way she raise her family, her fashion sense, her zest for life, the way she stands up for what she believes….She is warm, loving, giving and always laughs at her own jokes!!  I love and admire her greatly.

Shaun is always there with a smile and a great attitude. Nothing is too much for him. His warmth and gentleness sets the tone of the store.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

S: Be easy on yourself

G: Don’t take yourself to seriously

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