The Super Icons Series: A day in the life with Di and Bella

Introducing the Super Icon Series. Meet Di, our Superette Product Development Manager here at Superette with her daughter, Bella. She shares with us what a day in the life looks like for herself and her daughter, what her favourite pieces are in her wardrobe and how she would describe their relationship.

Tell us a little about yourself? What keeps you busy?  

I’m a working mum, so I’m busy 99% of the time! I’m very lucky that my husband Stephane is a very hands on Dad, so he helps Bella and I get through life on a day to day basis. I love my work, and I love my weekends, so I try to keep energy levels high these days.

We moved back to NZ last year after living in Sydney for the past 20 years. Even though we’ve been here a year, it takes a while to settle in, and I still feel like we have things to do and set up.

Between work and being a mum I make time for exercise and seeing our family. Having family on hand again after 20 years of being away is a novelty and a blessing!

For the first time in my life I discovered exercise properly last year during lock down and now I cant get enough of it. Any spare time I have for myself I choose to do that.

What do you love doing together most?

Playing Barbies is right up there!!! But we also spend a lot of time playing with our new pup Amos, and jumping on the trampoline.  The day in the life of a 4 year old. It’s good for the soul to be honest.

We have had some great weekends away to Whangamata this year with friends, and I think this is right up there for both of us as the best time spent together with mates.

How are you similar and how are you different?  

We are both bossy and impatient!! She has more sass than me though! She is very empathetic and is great at reading people, which I’m not as blessed with reading people like she is. She is the spitting image of her Dad so we look very different.

She’s super smart which I liken to me of course. And she’s quite into commenting on outfit choices now…. so who knows maybe a fashion girl!!??

How would you describe your style?

Pretty classic and clean and timeless. I like my clothes to last and wear long term, I’m not a fad wearer. 

I feel like my style has developed a lot in the last few years. I try a lot more different things these days that I wouldn’t have been confident to do before.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

New fav – the new Tyler pant from the Superette collection.

Old fav – I have a slinky Nom-D bomber jacket that my parents gave me when I graduated Uni. I’ve worn it for over 20 years and still love it.

How would you describe your mum/daughter?

Bella is a bold, warm hearted and very funny kid!!!  It takes a while to get to know her, she’s guarded until she trusts you (like me), but then you get to meet the flamboyant little sass pants that she is.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

I’m not sure if I read this or was told this but I live by the rule….. You create your own happiness.

I’m a firm believer if something makes you unhappy then make a change. Realise what makes you happy and drive it. You control the path to happiness. And happiness is one of the most important things in this short life.

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