Why Slip accessories are worth the hype.

Ah, silk. Luxurious, soft and oh so plush.

Slip is a must-have Superette essential. Set apart from regular bedding and accessories, Slip products are an essential aspect of our daily beauty regime. They feel luxe and look luxe while offering a number of beauty benefits. If Victoria Beckham and Kendall Jenner are into it, then we are too!

Discover a few of our favourites:

The Eyemask.

A luxurious one-size-fits-all eye mask that is set to assist with anti-ageing made from 100% pure high-grade silk both inside and out, this breathable and hydrating fabric won’t cause damage to the delicate parts of the face as other similar products do. The perfect travel companion or for those moments you just don’t want your sleep to be interrupted, once you get your hands on one you won’t want to let it go!

The Pillowcase.

The silk pillow has revolutionised the sleep, skincare and haircare game. With it’s breathable nature, silk proves to be the most skin-friendly fabric. Benefits of anti ageing and anti sleep creases come hand in hand with this luxurious product. Through lower friction levels, and less absorbing, the silk pillow helps keep your skin’s moisture and valuable face and hair products where they belong.

The Scrunchie.

The days of the luxurious scrunchie are upon us. This popular hair accessory was first revolutionised in the 80s for its fun appeal and less-damaging affect, and it’s now back and better than ever in a new Silk fabric. Slip has created the most luxurious silk scrunchies using the highest grade silk to be gentle on your delicate hair and prevent breakage.

The Robe.

A timeless dressing gown. A piece to have and love forever. The Slip Silk robe is a one-of-a kind vintage dream. Elegant, beautiful, and absolutely dreamy, this silk robe will make you feel your absolute best. Using the highest grade of long fibre mulberry silk this piece will be the perfect addition to your sleepwear. Slip into something comfy and never look back.

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