Introducing Jolie

Made for the dreamers.
Made for the moments of intention, of inspiration and self-reflection.

A Jolie slip should feel luxurious to wear. It’s part of your night-time routine – a moment to unwind, to reflect, to focus on you.

Wear it for yourself, or wear it for your lover. Gift one to yourself, to a best friend, or significant other. Jolie is about inspiring you to believe in the extraordinary. Because you are.

The Inspiration.

Jolie launched in December of 2021 by Auckland based Designer and Founder, Lucy Brock. “Every Jolie design is intended to have ready-to-wear appeal – meaning you can wear it to Friday night drinks and then to bed.”

The Product.

Each collection for Jolie is small. It’s about refining, crafting and testing each garment to make sure each design is as best as it possibly can be.

Jolie fabrics are carefully considered. Their fabrics feel luxurious and soft against skin while still having an element of stretch and fluidity to move with the body when sleeping.

Jolie slips are long-wearing and long-lasting and can be washed time and time again for everyday use.

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