Introducing Birgitte Herskind

Made to inspire, encourage and support the modern-day woman and her chosen purpose. Every piece is designed with innovation, and committed to a sustainable change.

Who They Are.

Founded in 2017, Birgitte Herskind delivers ambitious collections of responsible, contemporary pieces where modesty and integrity become the new vogue. Each piece is designed with innovation, defined by playful silhouettes and committed to sustainable change and social responsibility.

The collections embrace sensibility, longevity and durability, to inspire, encourage and support the modern day woman and her chosen purpose. Birgitte Herskind’s philosophy for thoughtfulness and organic living filters down through the careful selection of fabric and the high-quality craftsmanship of their European suppliers.

The Story.

Prior to the establishment of the eponymous label, Birgitte Herskind dedicated 35 years of her career to fashion, conceiving a timeless universe of patterns, fabrics and designs. Now, situated in the eclectic heart of Copenhagen, Birgitte is committed to supporting the modern day woman as the design-force behind the brand. 

Very quickly, the brand has created highly sought-after lines of signature pieces while working towards green production.

At the heart of Birgitte Herskind is heritage, value and support, not only for the customer but for family – inspired by her upbringing where she was surrounded by invincible, career-driven women, Birgitte’s three daughters and husband play an integral part in the company.

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