Introducing Ursa Major

Forest-Infused, Adventure-Inspired.

Committed to nourishing the skin to look and feel its best, Ursa Major delivers a natural line of skin care products made to boost a healthy lifestyle.

The Inspiration.

Ten years ago, founders of Ursa Major, Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle moved from New York City to the mountains of Vermont to simplify their lives and be closer to the great outdoors. It didn’t take long for them to notice the effects of their new, healthier lifestyle: mind, body, spirit and skin – all changed for the better.

Inspired by adventurous days on the trail, they created Ursa Major to help others – no matter where they live – get that “healthy mountain glow”. Pure, powerful and refreshing, the forest-infused formulas harness nature’s most effective ingredients to help you achieve clear, healthy skin.

The Products.

Ursa Major strive to make natural skincare which do more in less time. A grab-and-go driven brand so people can get out the door and do what really counts. The products are made from powerful active ingredients with refreshing natural aromas. They contain no suspect chemicals, and have clean, lightweight textures.

As a brand they are committed to raising the bar for what it means to be a sustainable skincare company, starting with the small things and working towards the big ones. They focus their efforts towards having smart, sustainable packaging, using less plastic, using only naturally derived products with no conventional chemicals, and more. The brand has also funded projects at multiple organisations that aim protect and preserve the planet.

The Name.

Ursa Major (the ‘Great Bear’ in Latin) is the largest visible constellation in the northern sky and has long been used to find True North. To us, it’s a powerful reminder to follow your inner compass and forge your own path in life.

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