Ricotta, Figs, Thyme & Honey on Sourdough Toast

In Bitter Honey, Letitia Clark shows you how cooking reflects her life and her home in the Mediterranean. A slow and relaxed experience, meat is often slow-cooked, cheese is aged slowly, vegetables are cooked long and slow. Every moment is one to cherish and enjoy till the final product.

If you are going to snack, then make sure you snack well. Jammy-sweet black figs, mellowed by creamy ricotta and piled atop some charred toast with a drizzle of oil and honey: this is a snack of the gods. Best eaten alone.

Serves 1.


2 slices of good-quality sourdough bread
100g ricotta
4 ripe black figs
Olive oil, for drizzling
1 tablespoon honey
Sea salt
Sprig of thyme


Toast your bread and spread with the ricotta. Tear the figs and arrange them on top. Drizzle over the oil and the honey and sprinkle over the salt. Rub the thyme between your fingers to scatter the leaves over top. Eat.

Recipe from Harper Collins, Bitter Honey: Recipes And Stories From Sardinia

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