Introducing YUZEFI

Experimental, modernist and unusual.

Yuzefi is a London fashion brand with an experimental and thought-provoking approach to design. With a strong sense of invention and newness, the brand thrives on the unexpected, pushing the boundaries of inherited rules to create a fresh point of view. 

The Designer.

Yuzefi was founded in 2016 by Naza Youzefi. Her passion and fascination for design began at a young age. As a child growing up in Iran, she would draw dresses from imagination, which her mother would then craft into a reality.

Her love for design continued into her adult years where she moved to London to study fashion. After graduating in 2008, she went on to hone her skills at the studios of Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll, before starting her brand.

Naza’s approach to design and construction is all about finding newness in the familiar. Armed with an indefatigable sense of wonder at the world, her focus is to create fashion that will give her customer that same sense of bold originality she discovered as a child.  

The Inspiration.

Naza was inspired by forms and craftsmanship know-how borrowed from the world of interiors and artefacts. “I try to look at the everyday and the familiar through a surrealist lens. The end result is usually original yet familiar, which is the essence of the brand’s aesthetic.”

Silhouettes are bold and nonconformist, colours are rich and surprising, and details are a visual twist that beg a closer look. An uncompromising approach to the quality of materials used defines the finished product.  

The Quality.

Yuzefi work with one of Italy’s most reputable tanneries in the north of Italy which qualifies for the Gold Leather Working Group standard. This means that they have been given the highest sustainability ratings in all aspects of their leather production, from traceability to chemical use, from worker safety to waste.

They use vegan suede to line our bags, sourced from a reputable Italian supplier. So far it has not been possible to line their bags with natural materials, they have rigorously researched and found a lining which does not create any new waste. This was their only responsible alternative.

The Product.

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