Elevate your home for Christmas lunch

Christmas is about surrounding yourselves with the ones you love. Drinking Champagne, singing those Christmas hits and hosting lunches. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to start planning how you’ll decorate your home for the upcoming festivities?

We’re stepping it up a little from just the standard Chrissy tree. Here’s a few of our favourite elevated pieces that will lift your at-home style for the silly season and still look great all year round.

Pieces to dress up the table.

The table is where the party is. The salads, hams, wine, and pav – the table is always the centre of the event. Here’s a few of our favourite dining table accessories to bring to the main event.

The little details .

When it comes to planning your Christmas lunch, we go all out. Attention to detail is one of the simplest ways to elevate your home. Look deeper than Christmas themed table settings and accessories, and turn to playful patterns and striking pieces to lift the look.

The cherry on top.

The cherry-on-top, the final touch, that piece that will make your Christmas lunch stand out from the rest. We know the stress of finding those pieces to pull it all together. This year we are looking to scents, florals, and stand out pieces to wow your guests.

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