The Jagger Series: A day in the life with Grace Palmer

Introducing the Superette Jagger Series. Meet Grace Palmer – actress, writer and all round super babe. She shares with us what a day in the life looks like, how she seeks creative inspiration and how she describes her personal style.

Tell us a little about you? What keeps you busy? What do you do?

Kia ora, I’m Grace and I’m an actress and a writer. I’m currently writing two TV shows, so mahi is keeping me pretty busy. However, I’m one of those people who can’t sit still, so even when I’m not busy, I’m busy… does that make sense? 

Walk us through your average daily routine from start to finish….

My days (not in a lockdown) are rarely the same. When I’m filming, my location and hours vary, so there’s not much consistency, but more recently, I’ve based myself at an office to write. I tried working from home and struggled with productivity, as I’m easily distracted lol. I usually wake up around 8am (I wish I was a morning person, but I’m not) and I workout – whether it be a gym sesh, a run, a walk, tennis, boxing or yoga. I walk to work and knuckle down until my brain is fried. I’m writing with people who aren’t Auckland based, so I’m a hardcore Zoomer. Zoom and I are going steady. I often have lunch meetings and/or content to shoot ie. Self-Tape auditions and/or brand partnership stuff.  At the end of last year, I committed to studying by correspondence on the side, but I got so bloody busy with mahi, It’s had to take a backseat. After work I walk home, pick up groceries, cook something frickin delicious for dinner, watch whatever we’re binging, stretch my body, read my book, and go to bed. My Tāne and I are super social, so we often catch up with mates for a kai and a cup of tea or a nightcap. 

Do you have any morning routine non-negotiables?
I always read the news. I went through a phase of meditating every morning, but I fell off the wagon. Oops. I really gotta get back into it. I’m definitely most productive when start the day with something physical, so exercise is a big part of my life. 

Who do you look to for creative or styling inspiration?

Dua Lipa and Rihanna. They never play it safe and they always look sexy. I appreciate diversity and people who dare to be different – however that might manifest. 

What’s on high rotation in your wardrobe right now?
Levi 501’s, Pecchenino Mini Skirt. Superette Falcon Shirt, and (don’t judge me) CROCS – mine are blue with clouds on them. 

What’s important to you when you decide what to wear in the morning?
I really value comfort (you won’t catch me in heels), but I hate being boring. I gotta wear things that inspire me, and my outfits usually reflect my mood. If I’m feeling badass, I’ll dress badass. 

How would you describe your style?
Fun. Retro. Sassy.

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