Introducing Róhe

Founder Maickel and Creative Director Marieke’s interest in photography, art, architecture and people, the story began by creating purely on emotion.

Previously known as Les Coyotes de Paris, as the world changed rapidly Marieke and Maickel strongly felt this was the right time to introduce a new name and showcase their vision in mens & womenswear. Both well experienced in fashion, the talented duo wanted to share their knowledge and love for making modern and edgy classic styles of high quality.

From left to right: Martina Shirt | Linde Blouse

Róhe collections are defined by Creative Director Marieke’s signature handwriting, selections of premium Italian fabrics and attention to detail. Modern, timeless and classic silhouettes epitomise Róhe. Marieke & Maikel focus on celebrating gender neutral styles in each collection.

‘Róhe does not conform to seasons, but works in Frames. Róhe Frames’ – Founder Maickel and Creative Director Marieke.

The Frames form the foundation for a personal, meaningful wardrobe, to transcend seasons and that is anything but disposable. 

From left to right: Celia Trouser | Lois Trouser

Róhe, a written language of style in which the brand sharpens its creative focus and adapts to new mindsets in this transient time. An ongoing quest to perfect the needs of our time.

Giving local artists a platform, this season features collaborations presenting specially designed rugs, handmade ceramics, vintage collectors furniture and a scented candle.

From left to right: Ariam Tee | Zizou Jacket

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