The Jagger Series: A day in the life with Mandy Duncan

Introducing the Superette Jagger Series. Meet Mandy Duncan – mother of three, creative and business owner. She shares with us what a day in the life looks like, how she seeks creative inspiration and how she describes her personal style.

Tell us a little about you? What keeps you busy? What do you do?

 I’m a mum of 3, a wife and a business owner. Safe to say that all keeps me incredibly busy.

Walk us through your average daily routine from start to finish….

My day always starts with a coffee. I make sure I get some sort of exercise into my morning – either a run or an online pilates class (or in a studio when we aren’t in lockdown!) My day gets pretty busy from there. Getting the kids ready for school and daycare or setting them up for home learning while in lockdown. I’ll usually try and tackle most of my emails in the morning while my mind is clear and get any meetings out of the way. Our afternoons are dedicated to family time, which most days is Kelvyn and the kids playing basketball and me cheering them on from the sideline with a coffee in hand. 5pm is where it gets pretty mental. Dinner, Bath/ shower time, and getting everyone ready for school the next day. After that I really like to just chill and have the kids wind down till bedtime. Then its skincare routine for me and bed/ scrolling through my phone for an hour!

Do you have any morning routine non-negotiables?
Coffee and some sort of exercise. It keeps me sane. 

How to you seek creative or styling inspiration?

Instagram is my go to for fashion inspiration. I have so many images in my saved folders. I follow lots of stylists in the UK and US where I find constant inspo. Also Hailey Beiber is an absolute fashion icon to me ( Shock horror, I think she’s everyone’s at the moment ). 

What’s on high rotation in your wardrobe right now?
Blazers and sneakers (A little tip – get your blazers from op shops in the mens section – they are the perfect fit !). Sneakers because, comfort and style – win win. 

What’s important to you when you decide what to wear in the morning?
Comfort is key for me, especially when we have a long day on a shoot or I have back to back meetings. You will quite often find me in workout tights, sneakers and an oversized blazer ( Oversized blazers make any outfit look great.)

How would you describe your style?
Ever changing, comfortable, confident. I go through waves of what I like to wear. I have moments where I will literally only wear black and beige and then I have moments where I’m like “yup, I think lime green is my colour”. I think it’s the Gemini in me. At the moment I’m really trying to get out of my ‘neutral colour comfort bubble’ and start adding in some fresh tones and textures for spring. I say confident because I’m a huge believer that if you feel confident you will literally pull anything off !

Mandy wears the Bernini Pant and Cedar Tank
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