The Jagger Series: A day in the life with Aki Curtis from The Sleek Avenue

Introducing the Superette Jagger Series. Meet Aki Curtis, the creative and creator behind ‘The Sleek Avenue’ and director of her own production company. She shares with us what a day in the life looks like, how she seeks creative inspiration and how she describes her personal style.

Tell us a little about you? What keeps you busy? What do you do?

I’m an art director and I own a production company producing photos and videos. I’m also a fashion content creator. Social media is like a free canvas for me to execute editorial ideas that come into my mind, or should I say my “research and development” outside of client’s work. 

Walk us through your average daily routine from start to finish….

Everyday is different depending on the deadlines but no matter how busy I am, I insist on an 8-hour sleep. It’s crucial for skin renewal and mental health. 
The first thing I do when I wake up is check my emails and go through my to-do lists for the day, planning how much time I need to allocate for client’s work, personal projects and admin. Then I worked out meal plans for me and hubby. We realised it’s hard to be efficient at work and in the kitchen at the same time so we save our elaborate recipes for weekends and keep our meals fairly simple during weekdays as we power through deadlines. When you are your own boss and you are still at an early stage of your business, admin is a big part of your life – you are your own account executive, video editor, delivery guy and sometimes even accountant. But at the same time, it’s so rewarding to see your progress and be part of it every single day. Whenever I have a spare hour in the day, I try to squeeze in a boxing session with my husband.

Evenings are usually catching up on social media, more emails and news. Before I head to bed, I usually take a minute to wind back my day and pull out the things to be grateful for. That makes me sleep better. 
Then off to the next day and next things. 

Do you have any morning routine non-negotiables?
First thing in the morning is definitely my skincare routine – cleanse, serum, moisturisers and sunblock is a must. Another must have is a glass of lemon warm water with The Beauty Chef Glow Powder. How well you are going to age in the future is determined by the good things you invest in yourself today. 

How to you seek creative or styling inspiration?

I was trained in the advertising agency world and my mentor taught me to see beauty in everything. I mean everything apart from books, websites or social media. I was taught to pay attention to my surroundings, and zoom in. Inspiration is everywhere, on your desk, around your furniture. It sounds peculiar but let me show you an example: on my desk, an espresso in a white ceramic cup gives you an idea that chocolate brown and warm white might be a great colour pairing; a dry hydrangea shows that light muted pink and green look great together. It’s quite a fun exercise. Be curious and follow your fascinations. 

What’s on high rotation in your wardrobe right now?
Lots of shirts, in various colours! I have the green Crosby Shirt from the Superette Jagger collection that I’m obsessed with at the moment. I love the structural and masculine shapes, you can look so put together with this one simple wardrobe staple. I wear it with blazers, belt it to become a mini dress, or sometimes dress it down with a pair of chunky sneakers or boots. 
Whether it’s the warmer days or colder seasons, everyone need a few good shirts in their lives. 

What’s important to you when you decide what to wear in the morning?
I’ve always had the utmost passion for fashion. I believe what you wear on the day sends a message (to yourself) about how you want to be treated, and it indirectly changes and affects your mood for the day. 
Whether it’s heading out for meetings or working from home, or even just going groceries, I always make sure I have something smart on. It gives me the motivation to power through the day, or do everything with more drive. If I have workout gear on, I layer it with an oversized blazer. If I wear a sweatshirt, I make sure I have some chunky jewellery to dress up the look. Never underestimate the power of fashion. Such a corny line but so true. 

How would you describe your style?
Practical everyday luxe.

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