Meet the Rad Dads: James Rigden

Introducing Rad Dads: A collaboration between SUPERETTE x BAMBAM.

To the Dads, Grandads, Uncles and Father Figures with so much to give. We’re here to celebrate you this Father’s Day.

We teamed up with BamBam and five kiwi dads to bring you Superette Rad Dads. A new series to put the spotlight on exceptional dads and their adorable wee ones. Meet James Rigden, Co-Founder of Superette. We chat to him about his fave thing about being a dad, what he’s learnt along the way and the best advice he would pass onto his kids.

Tell us a little about yourself? 
I’m James, Husband to Renee, Dad to Sloane and Bay and the Co-Founder of Superette

What keeps you busy?
Being a Dad, I love it, kids keep me busy for sure. On the flip side they motivate me, challenge me and inspire me everyday. 
Superette fill’s the main hours of every day, its always evolving which keeps it challenging and keeps me engaged. I’m super lucky to have an amazing place to work and an amazing team to work with. I still love creating and growing something all these years later.
With what times left you will find me in the snow, in the air and on the water. Any adventure that takes me places, outdoors makes me happy and tops up the tank.

Who are you a Dad to?
Sloane (8 years, nearly 9 she would say) nickname: Pony
Bay (6 years) nickname: Bay Bear

What’s your favourite thing about being a Dad?
It’s the unexpected, the learning and the lessons you get from your kids, I alway thought it was my job to do the teaching but man was I wrong haha!

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt being a dad?
Time is the most important thing to the kids and sometimes that’s  the hardest thing to give. They grow up so damn fast, so taking what moments you can to just stop and be with them 100%. Quite often It’s those little moments that produce the gold, the conversations that leave you cracking up and reliving for days after. 

Best piece of advice you would pass on to your kids?
Listen to Dad…… haha Na!!! Set goals, work out what you want and go for it.

How would you describe your style?
It’s a couple of decades of street inspired fashion with the love of luxury thrown in.

What are your favourite brands at Superette?
Your asking me to pick a favourite child!
My wardrobe is packing out with the heritage brands that we are adding to the mens mix, The North Face, Polo Ralph Lauren, Carhartt – there are so many to choose from and so much more on the way.
The Superette Leisure Club drop looks ‘fire’ If there’s outfit to make level 4 a bit more comfortable it’s a head to toe SLC get up with some fresh kicks out the box for lockdown attire.
Looking forward to summer in a couple of months – Onny’s shorts and JAF becomes the uniform for the beach, fishing adventures and everything outside of work and dining.
Always adding to the home, especially spending so much time there, books to inspire, scented candles and incense burning, We love to think of home as our everyday spa. There are Sonos in every room and even the addition of a Clearlight sauna earlier this year, This I can highly recommend its a game changer.

What’s on your Superette Wishlist? 
Mens 001 SLC Crew, Golden Goose Star Tee, The North Face Recycled 66 Classic Hat, Nike Mens Utility Pants, Krink NYC Coffee Table Book & Made Paper Squiggle Wrapping Paper

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