How to make the perfect coffee at home with Ozone

Missing your fave barista made coffee? Same. Thankfully Ozone have us covered with a quick and easy ‘Brew at Home’ guide to keep you caffeinated throughout lockdown. Whether it’s the Moka Pot, The French Press, The Chemex, Or Coffee Pods – here’s how’s to perfect your at-home coffee ritual.

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The Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is a staple in every Italian household, delivering similar strength and texture to an espresso, but without all the fancy equipment. The Moka Pot brews coffee almost as if by magic, utilising steam pressure, created in the bottom of the vessel, to push the water up through the coffee grinds before your final brew rests in the top chamber ready for drinking.  

It is a great brewer for the espresso enthusiast or for the smaller kitchen. The Moka pot works like an espresso machine but pushes water up through the bottom rather than down through the top. Of course, it’s never quite able to produce the same pressure as an espresso machine so you end up with a coffee halfway between a traditional espresso and a cup of filter.  The Moka Pot is great for coffee with a balanced flavour profile. The extra pressure ensures we get to enjoy all the lovely sweetness of our coffee, as well as the acidity.  


Serves 1 cup
14g of finely ground coffee
100ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time is 60 seconds

Serves 2 cups
28g of finely ground coffee
200ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time is 90 seconds

Serves 4 cups
56g of finely ground coffee
400ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time is 2 minutes


  1. Unscrew the base and remove the metal filter.
  2. Pour boiling water into the base to just below the top.
  3. Add the coffee into the filter and gently press down to pack the coffee in.
  4. Insert filter (filled with coffee) into the base and screw top back on.
  5. Place onto a pre-heated stove top and leave to brew.
  6. Once the coffee finishes flowing out into the top chamber, it is ready to serve.

The French Press

A classic full immersion brewer and arguably one of the simplest coffee brewers in existence. A staple of many households all over the world, the French Press, or Cafetière, is an underrated brewer in the modern world of coffee but one that, with a little attention, can yield amazing results.

A forgiving brew method that is great for making coffee for a crowd, the French Press makes for a perfect solution when hosting. Play around with coffee volume to adjust strength if need be. You will find with some coffees you may need a little more and with others a little less. French Presses are great for naturally sweet coffees. The long contact time during brewing delivers a rich sweet flavour, perfect if you like a little milk in your coffee as the strength of the brew will not get lost behind the milk.


Serves 1 cup
16g of medium to coarsely ground coffee
240ml of water straight off the boil
Recommended brew time is 2 minutes


  1. Add the coffee into the base of the pre-heated French Press.
  2. Quickly add the desired amount of water depending on desired batch size.
  3. Thoroughly stir and leave open to brew for 4 minutes.
  4. Attach plunger and slowly press into the bottom of the vessel.
  5. For best results, leave the brew to sit for 5 – 10 minutes after plunging. This will allow all the little particles to sink to the bottom giving a sweeter taste. And when serving pour the full amount out into a separate serving vessel before pouring into cups.

The Chemex

Equal parts a piece of art and brewing equipment, the Chemex is a unique brewer in that as the size of the chemex increases the angle of the brewer vessel changes. This allows for the same grind size to be used across multiple brewers and multiple batch sizes.

A great brewer for those who prefer their coffee a little weaker. The thicker paper keeps back a lot of the finer grinds which tend to bring a bitter flavour into the drink. Great for coffee that has a fruit flavour profile. The fruity flavours of coffee are the easiest to dissolve and, with the little pressure the water is under, these become the main flavours showcased.


Serves 2 cups
30g of medium to coarsely ground coffee 500ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time for all water
to pass through is 5 minutes

Serves 4 cups
60g of medium to coarsely ground coffee 1 litre of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time for all water
to pass through is 7 minutes


  1. Insert paper filter into the Chemex with the thickest fold over the spout.
  2. Thoroughly wet the filter with hot water and carefully discard the water from the bottom of the Chemex.
  3. Add the coffee into the bottom of the filter.
  4. Gently pour 50 – 100ml of boiling water onto the coffee, aiming to wet all of the grounds. Leave to ‘bloom’ for 30 – 40 seconds.
  5. Continue to pour a gentle stream with the remainder of the water, depending on the batch size until of all the water has passed through the coffee
  6. Remove the filter before serving.

Ozone Coffee Pods

Meet the brand new compostable, Nespresso®-compatible coffee pods. Ozone Coffee Pods contain responsibly sourced single origin coffee, selected for the perfect coffee capsule experience. 

With a medium-roast and flavours of creamy milk chocolate, almonds and roasted hazelnut. Ozone Coffee Pods brew a full-bodied espresso that is perfectly enjoyed black or with milk


  1. Simply pop a capsule in your Nespresso machine and create your favourite coffee as usual!
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