The Beyond Series: A day in the life with Jessica Clarke and Emily Blanchett from Mother Made

Meet Jessica Clarke and Emily Blanchett, the founders of Mother Made. As part of our new Superette Beyond campaign, we profiled five amazing women to understand what a day in the life looks like for them, what keeps them busy and their own unique style. Superette Beyond was intentionally designed for woman living a multi-faceted, on-the-go lifestyle. Jessica and Emily take us through what a day in the life looks like for them and why they decided to build a wellness brand together. Jessica also featured as the face of our Superette Beyond campaign so we wanted to know a little more about her life behind the scenes.

Tell us a little about yourself… what keeps you busy?

Jessica: I have been a model for over 10 years now and have returned to NZ for the first time since I was a teenager. New York and London have been my surrogate homes but it’s so nice to be back to slow down and re focus. Mother Made is now my main baby. I love working with my best friend everyday on something we are so passionate about. We talk about medicinal mushrooms all day; over coffee, during walks, even at dinner parties.

Emily: I opened a salad and smoothie bar with my mum in my early 20’s, we ran it for six years and I learnt a lot about running a business and the importance of health. After selling I decided I needed to get out of NZ for a while and choose my next venture so I headed to NYC where everyone was inspiring and doing amazing things. I tried medicinal mushrooms over there and got hooked. Jess and I were friends from school and have always kept in touch so when we both decided to come home from covid the conversation started about bringing mushrooms to NZ and didnt stop – Mother Made was born organically with love!

Walk us through your average daily routine.

Jessica and Emily: We text each other as soon as we wake up. Then coffee. We don’t function before it. We love our coffee with 1 tsp of our AM blend. It supercharges the coffee by switching on the brain and giving you an even flow of energy. It helps us function at 100%. Life is too short not too and it tastes kind of sweet which is delicious! Next we meet up at either one of our houses and get down to business. Laptops open, we tackle emails and then move on to our to-do lists. Who doesn’t love a list. Usually we have a few meetings we run out to and the rest of the day is pretty fluid. 

Do you have any morning routine non-negotiables?

Jessica: My non-negotiables are getting into real clothes so I feel ready for the day. Although I prefer to work out in the morning because it wakes up my mind, I’m quick to get out of my gym gear. Clothes are important to my state of mind but don’t get me wrong I’m living in a tracksuit by the weekend.

Emily: I have to go for a walk in the morning to clear my head and set a plan for the day, after that it’s mushroom coffee and meeting Jess to tackle our day.

What’s important to you when you decide what to wear in the morning?

Jessica: We always end up wearing the same thing by coincidence. It’s actually hilarious and kind of embarrassing because it looks like we planned it. Quality is important to me and once you have the basics down you can have fun with tops/jackets and layers of jewellery. I love good Levis jeans and boots. On most days I stand in my wardrobe and pick out the first thing I see then layer based on that choice.

Emily: How I dress kind of reflects how I feel that day – fun, fruity or sophisticated. It’s important to be comfortable and confident with what you wear – then you look your best. Finding the perfect fitting jeans and a quality sweater never fails. Then you can dress it up with accessories.

Where do you find styling inspiration?

Jessica: Jane Birkin, Anitta Pallenberg, Kate Moss I would say they are more fashion icons rather than influencers. My style is an amalgamation of my travels, a lot of London street style and good tailoring from my mum.

Emily: I draw my style inspiration from the past, they put more thought into what they wore with different textures, colours and layers

Describe your style in three words…

Jessica: High end meets rock and roll / thrift

Emily: I love vintage, classic, tomboy

What’s on high rotation in your wardrobe right now?

Jessica: My 1980s biker jacket

Emily: Knits! They’re all so different and fun to layer.

What are your favourite pieces from the Beyond collection?

Jessica: The Aster Legging & Beaumont Trench.

Emily: The Twain Jacket & Hero Pant

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