Optimise your Beauty Sleep.

The best beauty tip ever? Getting a good nights rest. Sleep affects every element of our lifestyle and how we show up the next day. It affects our mood, our emotions, our appetite and our energy throughout the day. We’ve created a little breakdown of our favourite dream-time products to make the most of your beauty sleep.


Beauty not bedding is the mantra of Slip, the newest addition to join us here at Superette! Originally founded in 2004, the demand for this luxurious product has not stopped! 100% pure silk pillowcases designed to be anti-ageing, anti sleep-crease and anti bed-head. How can a pillowcase do all this? Well it’s simple, made from the highest grade long-fibre mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes it doesn’t pull or rub against your hair; it allows your skin to breath and stay hydrated and is also a natural temperature regulator keeping you fresh and glowing. Did we mention it is also beautifully soft and looks great! Add one of these babies to your collection and get ready for some serious beauty sleep!

Why Slip?

It’s Anti-Aging. We spend a third of our lives in bed. In laboratory testing, Slipsilk™ pillowcases were shown to absorb significantly less face cream than cotton pillowcases*, so they can help keep your skin’s moisture and valuable face and hair products where they belong, on your face and hair. Slipsilk™ was also shown to create 43% less friction on average*, which can reduce stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.

It’s Anti Sleep-Crease. Ever woken up with a sleep crease? As skin ages, it loses elasticity and sleep creases – which are caused by friction and pressure on facial skin – can become more pronounced and longer-lasting. While the creases usually go away later that day, they can be gradually ‘ironed in’ over the years. Sleeping on silk is a great expert beauty tip and a long-time beauty secret. Slipsilk™ has been shown to reduce friction by 43% on average*, allowing skin to glide along the pillow, which can reduce pressure on creased skin.

It’s Anti Bed Head. The world’s most renowned hairstylists have long recommended sleeping on gentle, hair-friendly silk to help preserve your blow out. Ordinary pillowcases can cause hair tangling during the night. In laboratory testing, slipsilk™ has been shown to reduce friction by 43% on average*. 

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A luxurious one-size-fits-all eye mask that is set to assist with anti-ageing made from 100% pure high-grade silk both inside and out, this breathable and hydrating fabric won’t cause damage to the delicate parts of the face as other similar products do. The perfect travel companion or for those moments you just don’t want your sleep to be interrupted, once you get your hands on one you won’t want to let it go!

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Mother Made.

Dreaming of better beauty sleep?

The PM mushroom powder has got you covered. Wind down every night with the new brand Mother Made.
The PM blend has been carefully designed to help you reach a deeper sleep and replenish you while you do. Relaxing adaptogens to help wind down. Powerful antioxidant action to help your skin glow, and prebiotic fibre for a happy, healthy gut. What’s not to love?

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Me Today

Feeling a little tense?

Provide yourself with a restful sleep supported by the Goodnight Supplement from Me Today. Magnesium helps your muscles relax and function. Valerian is traditionally used in Western herbal practice to help calm tension & restlessness.

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Happy Society

In need of a little extra relaxation?

Experience what Happy Society is all about with their Lune Essential Oil Blend Vetiver, Lavender + Clary Sage. This 100% essential oil is designed to relax and lull you to sleep! Drop into your diffuser or oil burner and feel the difference. Finish off your evening routine with this calming scent to give you the full sensory wind-down experience.

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The Beauty Chef

Beauty sleep from the inside out.

Do you want to enjoy a more peaceful slumber and reduce stress? Sleep Inner Beauty Powder is your new best friend when it comes to rejuvenating and repairing the skin from the inside as you have sweet dreams! Containing natural sedatives and 15 billion probiotics per serve, Sleep is scientifically formulated to soothe your nerves and deepen your sleep. This inner beauty night treatment is a delicious multitasking night-time tonic that relieves symptoms of anxiety while nourishing your gut and skin health, boosting antioxidant activity and fighting premature ageing.

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