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The inspiration behind the latest collection.

Our newest Zoe & Morgan collection was created from Morgan’s underwater explorations over the past year. With the opportunity to explore Indonesia, he went on diving trips and was inspired by the abundance of life in our oceans. The collection began as a series of sketches from these experiences, that soon became styles that represent these oceanic wonders.



Soft green hues in the uniquely rose-cut Green Amethyst remind us of the ocean and it’s calming presence. The stone and band is intricately encased with seaweed textures in their organic forms, making this a statement ring that celebrates nature and it’s beauty.

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Drawing inspiration from the Kina; synonymous with walking along the shorelines, these earrings were made to reflect the shape and detailed textures of this urchin. Delicate drops are centred with a petite White Zircon stone, hanging gently to allow for natural movement. Lightweight and fun with a subtle pop of colour, the Kina earrings are made for considered everyday wear



Gili Asahan is a magical island in the archipelago, surrounded by pearl farms. The Asahan earrings were inspired by the simple beauty of nature on this island, with a hoop reflecting coral found in the crystal waters of Asahan. A freshwater circle pearl with unique birthmarks hangs from the hoop.The circle pearl exudes an element of grace, adding a little elegance into your everyday look.

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The granular textures inspired by coral found on Komodo Island make this stacker a minimal yet interesting ring to wear daily. Designed for those who love unique simplicity, wear alone or pair with the Anchored stacker for a subtle pop of colour.

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We’ve hand-made many of the styles in our Mutiara collection, using the ancient technique of wax carving. The subtle imperfections that come from handwork let these pieces seem more akin to the coral and wildlife discovered, true to how they really appear on the ocean floor.

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