Introducing RE/DONE

Iconic. Responsible. Individual.

Reimagining iconic heritage brands is at the core of RE/DONE. Discover favourite styles that are now available exclusively online.

The Concept.

RE/DONE is a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, a movement to keep heritage brands relevant and have a larger goal to create sustainable and mindful fashion. They began with the original concept of up-cycling vintage Levi’s into modern fits, employing preloved raw goods to create brand new styles.

RE/DONE and upcycled collections celebrate each item’s past and continue its individual story. As one of the largest fashion players distributing upcycled products, RE/DONE have pushed the industry as a whole toward a more sustainable future


RE/DONE’s standards of responsibility are visible throughout each aspect of business: product, process, people, and planet. At each touchpoint, they seek to reevaluate standards in an effort to minimize impact on the environment, while honoring the quality and craftsmanship our garments have been made with from the start.

As the largest single fashion player distributing upcycled products, RE/DONE’s sales volume is over half upcycled and recycled and has pushed the industry as a whole toward a more sustainable future. To date, RE/DONE has upcycled over 90,000 pairs of vintage Levi’s, saving over five million gallons of water. In total RE/DONE has diverted over 200,000 discarded garments from landfills.

All about quality.

RE/DONE only uses the highest quality fabrics and construction methods, ensuring that all pieces stand the test of time and only look better with wear.

When developing new styles not able to be made from recycled or upcycled fabric, the design team carefully selects textiles that will become better over time: the next generation of vintage. In line with their ethos, RE/DONE constructs every garment with the expectation that it will be a timeless staple relevant for the decades to come.

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