Sustainable Switch Up

Want to live more sustainably? In honour of Earth Day, make a start with these five items for your home and wardrobe.

If one of your 2021 new year resolutions is to live more sustainably, buying a reusable coffee cup or mug is a simple way to make it happen. From ceramic cups by Porter & Kim Wallace to Huskee‘s innovative use of coffee husks, upgrade your daily trip to your local with one of our epic reusable cups.

Sustainably made since 2006, Bassike leads the pack in their efforts in implementing environmentally sustainable practices in every area of their brand from processes to fabrics. Switch out your usual white tee or invest in a new winter knit crafted from organic cotton jersey and high quality wool and cashmere.

Perfect for a packed lunch or taking to your local cafe or sushi store, we present to you the best lunch bag find so we can all eat outdoors (or at our desks) in style, no plastic boxes required.

Learning a bit more about how and where your clothes are made is a great step in the right direction.

Nudie Jeans is all about building a sustainable denim brand. No matter how your Nudie jeans looked when you bought them, they all began as a pair of dry denim. Even the pre-washed and pre-distressed styles were dark indigo denim at first. We cherish well-worn and mended jeans. Jeans that become a part of us when worn a long time, just like a second skin. At every stage, from harvesting the cotton, to indigo dyeing and weaving, down to the sewing, men and women have worked hard to create our products. That is why we value the product so highly and will always believe in the worth of repairing and reusing. We recommend our customers to wear their Nudie jeans for 6 months before the first wash. The outcome depends on who you are and how you live your life in the jeans. But regardless of the lifestyle, your jeans become a log of the time gone by, and they will end up as one of a kind, shaped by you.

AGOLDE are focused on design, sustainability and comfort. While their styles may emit an irreverent attitude, each piece is crafted with meticulous detail. They use only the most innovative fabrics sourced from around the world and facilitate product development in their vertically owned facilities and with select production partners to create denim of the highest caliber. Companywide, they are committed to being thoughtful in the creation of their denim and use advanced methods to reduce their imprint on the environment, including laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods.

Frame also opts to use environmentally-safe materials like recycled cotton and post-consumer plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in our oceans serve to reverse some of the damage caused by years of harmful production practices and implements eco-friendly wash techniques like high-efficiency lasering reduces their water consumption and eliminates the use of toxic chemicals.

MOTHER is a Los Angeles-based denim brand that proudly partners with local businesses and manufacturers in the production of all denim styles, reflecting its commitment to local craftsmanship and third-party audited ethical labor practices. While 95% of our overall manufacturing is done locally in Los Angeles, 100% of our denim products are made within a 14-mile radius from our design studio. This level of local production reduces the company’s carbon footprint by limiting freight transport and shipping.

Increase your Sunday cleaning feel good factor by switching to products that smell delicious, are completely natural, clean effectively and respect our amazing planet!

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