Meet the Maker: Charlotte Blakeney of By Charlotte

Charlotte Blakeney is the incredibly talented jeweller behind one of our favourite brands By Charlotte. Charlotte shares the creative process, her all-time favourite pieces and the story behind our brand new collaboration…


Charlotte designing the Superette x By Charlotte collection 


When and how did By Charlotte come about?

By Charlotte was born in 2012 out of my deep love for meaningful semi-precious gemstones and passion for empowering women through enhancing their own natural beauty. I was on a yoga retreat in Desa Seni, Indonesia and surrounded by beautiful Lotus flowers which inspired the design of our signature Lotus pendant. I felt a deep connection to the inspiring story of the lotus blooming and wanted to create a piece of jewellery which would empower the wear like the story of the lotus empowered me. At the time, I was a Makeup Artist in fashion and advertising, so my designs were exposed to some of the most amazing stylists and celebrities and I was lucky enough to have them featured in editorials and magazines. I have always loved jewellery and semi-precious stones from a young age.  Every By Charlotte collection that we design holds deeper meanings of spirituality and enlightenment, with the aim of inspiring and empowering the wearer with mantras of love, harmony and enlightenment. Each piece is thoughtfully designed so that it can be worn in its simplicity on its own or to be layered with one another.



By Charlotte Founder, Charlotte Blakeney

How would you describe the By Charlotte customer? 

Endless dreamers, free-spirited bohemian souls, mindful and conscious, fun and light-hearted.


Tell us a little bit about how you created our By Charlotte x Superette collab pieces.

 Any time we do a collaboration, we always touch base with our collaborators first to see if they have any ideas they want to explore – it’s always good to narrow down the possibilities as the options are endless! Superette wanted to centre the collection around stars and the heavenly skies. We loved this idea and created a collection designed to empower with positivity, as to us, this is what the stars represent. The designs are fun, spirited and evoke happiness and self-confidence.



Superette x By Charlotte | Reach For The Stars Necklace & Reach For The Stars Hoops


What’s your design process and is there anything you do to help to get the ideas rolling?

At the beginning of our process, I always think about the themes and meanings that I want the jewels to convey – what mantras will inspire our customers. My own mindful practice is at the centre of the design process – meditation helps me be present and enhances my creativity allowing me to design with deeper intention. Moodboarding also helps us to visualise our creative ideas – referencing our travels, antiques and vintage heirloom jewels.



 Superette x By Charlotte Reach For The Stars Hoops – Gold | Superette x By Charlotte Reach For The Stars Hoops – Silver


What inspires your  collections and aesthetic and how do you keep it relevant? 

Our customers inspire our collections, we want to create more than just beautiful jewellery – we want them to be able to connect with our adornments on a deeper level and empower them through life. I am a strong believer of listening to your customer, we are very engaged and connected with our audience both in-store and online. I am still heavily involved with all touch points within the business and spend a lot of time in our boutique learning from our staff and customers.




Do you have a favourite style that you’ve created over the years?

My favourite piece that we’ve created is our ‘Magic of You Necklace’ inscribed with one of my most-loved mantras, “Trust in the magic of you”, which can be worn either to the front or back. 

Any advice you would give to someone thinking of starting a brand?

Having a strong vision for your brand and understanding your target audience is extremely important, however you need to be open minded and open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.Surround yourself with ambitious and supportive mentors and be prepared to work hard with patience and dedication.



Superette x By Charlotte | Reach For The Stars Necklace


What is something not that many people know about you or your brand? 

By Charlotte was born from humble beginnings and started at my dining room table with only $5000 of my own savings.


What has been the absolute highlight of your brand / career to date?  

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing By Charlotte jewellery on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR.



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears the By Charlotte Lotus & Little Buddha Short Necklace


What are you listening to right now?

Matthew McConahey’s sleep story narration on the Calm app – a must listen!


What are you watching at the moment?

The Goop Lab series on Netflix with Gwyneth Paltrow.



Describe your style in three words:

Modern bohemian, casual and relaxed.



By Charlotte x Superette Be Your Own Light Earrings – Gold | By Charlotte x Superette Be Your Own Light Earrings – Silver


What’s your daily go-to outfit?

An oversized fluffy knit layered over a whimsical floaty dress, always with a pair of sneakers.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been  given? 


A former employer once said to me “You will never succeed” – sometimes you need to hear these words to spark your drive and empower you to chase your passions and dreams.





Superette x By Charlotte  Be Your Own Light Hoops – Silver | Superette x By Charlotte  Be Your Own Light Hoops – Gold



What should every woman have in her wardrobe?

A piece of jewellery that carries a special meaning.



What’s your favourite thing about living in Sydney?

I like that you can choose your own lifestyle in Sydney and go at your own pace. I also love that we are surrounded by water and different points.


Can you share with us any of your local hidden gems? (Could be food, shopping etc. any must see’s / do’s)

Barbetta in Paddington – Where I go for my daily coffee ritual!


Barbetta, Paddington


Where is your favourite destination of all time and why?

High up in the mountains of Ubud, Indonesia.


Where to from here, what’s next for By Charlotte?

I see By Charlotte becoming more than just a jewellery brand, connecting with wellness and mindfulness – watch this space!




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