What accessories you should buy, according to your star sign…

We turn to the mystic wisdom of the zodiac for a myriad of things from love to careers so why not let your start sign be your guide when it comes to shopping for accessories?!



SCORPIO | 24th October – 22nd  November


Reliquia Star Sign Necklace  | Frame Les Second Handbag Medium

The most mysterious star sign of the zodiac, accessories that match the power, passion and mystery of Scorpios are the order of the day. Think sleek black bags whose contents will never be revealed, oversized dark-hued sunglasses to keep the windows to your soul firmly hidden. 


SAGITTARIUS | 23 November – 22 December


Lack of Colour Wave Bucket Hat | Reliquia Star Sign Necklace

Open-minded, adventure-loving and humourous, Sagittarians require accessories that are light-hearted yet practical. Look to colourful totes for a pretty and practical option. Or how about a bucket hat in an eye-catching print? Not only will it protect you from the sun, it will also be a talking point any time you step out the door with it.


CAPRICORN | 22 December –20 January


Reliquia Star Sign Necklace | Luv AJ Amalfi Huggies

This earth sign gravitates towards understated quality and fine craftmanship, so a timeless pendant necklace or sophisticated simple pair of earrings will serve the Capricorn well, as will a classic top-handle bag in a responsible shade like brown or black.


AQUARIUS | 20 January –19 February


Anine Bing Levi Sunglasses | Reliquia Star Sign Necklace 

Left-of-field fashion is where the visionary and original Aquarians like to play. And in the accessories game, this no-rules-applies outlook continues. Be a rule-breaker by layering multiple necklaces in differing styles, metals, widths and lengths to create your own jewellery adventure. Make unexpected choices with your sunglasses, go unconventional with an eye-catching leopard-print or futuristic visor-style shades.


PISCES | 19 February – 21 March


Reliquia Star Sign Necklace | Nikki Williams Mini Harriet Saddle Bag

Those born under the Pisces zodiac sign should look to romantic yet approachable options when selecting accessories. With an artistic and friendly temperament, this water sign would feel creative yet content with a pink-rimmed or heart-shaped pair of sunglasses or a a relaxed slouchy crossbody bag. 


ARIES | 21 March – 20 April


Justine Clenquet Lux Earrings | Reliquia Star Sign Necklace 

Aries the ram is bold and fashion-forward. Only the latest trends will do for this fire sign. When shopping for jewellery this season look to statement earrings as seen on everyone’s favourite fashion influencers and stacked rings—the more the merrier! 


TAURUS | 20 April – 21 May


Reliquia Star Sign Necklace | Bess Studio 

A love of beautiful things combined with a steady reliability means the heart of a Taurean beats to the more tactile and timeless of accessories. Think velvet or suede bags in classic colours or a handbag that’s more like art. Silk scarves in artistic prints are always a wise investment for the Taurean.


GEMINI | 21 May –21 June


F+H Royal Chain | Reliquia Star Sign Necklace 

Flexibility and versatility are the name of the game when it comes to accessories for the Gemini. Think: necklaces that are the right size to be looped around the wrist, for a second option if the Gemini fancies an easy accessory switch up; or a reversible hat that can be worn either way.


CANCER | 21 June – 23 July


Reliquia Star Sign Necklace | Janessa Leone Kai Bao Straw Hat

Leading with the heart, this intuitive water sign likes to err on the cautious side when it comes to fashion and accessories. Of course being an emotional star sign, means any accessory that comes with special meaning or is a symbol of an emotion is always a good idea. Look to heart-shaped or teardrop-shaped jewellery options and traditional sun hats that have a lovely nostalgic feel of happy summers gone by.


LEO | 23 July –23 August


Zoe & Morgan | Reliquia Star Sign Necklace 

It’s a party and all the Leos are invited! This outgoing, good-humoured fire sign needs accessories that will withstand even the most rigorous of social schedules (socially-distanced soirées included). Think cute clutches with a hint of glitter, sparkling cocktail rings or any accessories from bags to belts to scarves and jewellery that have a butterfly motif (the signature sign of this social butterfly).


VIRGO | 23 August –23 September


Reliquia Star Sign Necklace | Anine Bing Alice Bag 

The most analytical and detail-oriented of the 12 star signs, hardworking Virgos need the style maths to add up when it comes to accessorising. Long-term investment pieces are in order when it comes to jewellery for Virgos (think: pearl earrings, diamond studs, an elegant gold bracelet) and for handbags? Those that make a sensible style statement will make the final wardrobe cut. 


VIRGO | 23 August –23 September


YSL SL M6 Sunglasses | Reliquia Star Sign Necklace 

With Librans’ penchant for harmony along with their co-operative, fair and balanced outlook, when it comes to accessories, this social star sign should consider pieces that bring harmony to their outfit. Look to symmetrical-shaped sunglasses from brands like YSL, Gucci and Ray-Ban. 




Words by Lucie Clark for Vogue Australia 

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