Superette Dope Dads: Jono Alder of Bassike

With Father’s Day just around the corner we took 5 minutes to catch up with some of the Dopest Dads around.  Meet Jono Adler  –National & International Wholesale Manager of Bassike and father of two. 


Jono & Charlie 


What’s the best thing about being a Dad? 

Watching them (Archie 6, Charlie 3) grow up into little men! They’re my best mates!


What’s your favourite thing to do with the kids?

Tough one… but probably Saturday sport! I try not to be a competitive soccer dad… but… plot twist! I am!




What advice would you go back and give yourself pre-dad life?

No advice I’d give myself pre dad-life could have ever prepared me…  


Are there any traditions you grew up with that you have continued on with your own kids?

We bought the house I grew up in a few years ago as our family home…. (is that weird?!) so yeh, I guess I’m keeping the traditions alive…. Real alive!!!




How do you sum up your own personal style? 

Clean, minimal & easy. Ironically I’m quite a lazy dresser.



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Has your style evolved much since becoming a father?

Not really…


What’s one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?

A white tee!



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How much say do you have in the kids style?

A lot… they’re essentially mini version of me…they live in bassike mini!



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What’s on the top of your Father’s Day wish list this year?

I’m not too fussed… but It better include a Bunnings voucher!…


Stuck on how to make Father’s Day extra special for Dad this year? We’ve put together an ultimate gift guide to make your life easier! 

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