Meet the Maker: Gaïa Gaïa

The name Zoe Karssen might ring a bell, after 10 years of running her eponymous brand Zoe has set out on a brand new adventure with her latest concept Gaïa Gaïa. Zoe shared the Gaïa Gaïa story, where she finds inspiration and her Amsterdam hotspots with Superette.



Gaïa Gaïa Founder, Zoe Karssen 

When and how did GAÏA GAÏA come about? 

After 10 magical years of running the Zoe Karssen brand, the time felt right to close that book and start something fresh and cool again. We set out to take our best learnings and create a new concept, re-thinking a more conscious way to design and manufacture the products that we love, and at the same time improve the business model, so its more proficient and less wasteful. Gaïa Gaïa quietly launched in May this year.



Loose Fit T-Shirt | Loose Fit Sweatshirt

How would you describe the GAÏA GAÏA customer? 
She is woman that knows her own style. 
She’s looking for something thats a little bit hard to find, a brand thats not sold everywhere.
She likes the element of discovering something new. 
Her style is laidback but she looks for quality in the items she buys.



Basic Loose Fit T-Shirt


Any advice you would give to someone thinking of starting a brand? 
If you are willing to give Everything ! Absolutely Go for it !!! If you are not prepared to fully commit then…

What’s your design process and is there anything you do to help to get the ideas rolling?
I research ALOT!!  Due to lockdown restrictions it’s mostly online at the moment. But I still love finding amazing Tumblr sites or old magazine databases full of cool inspiration. Im also looking a lot at my old research files from the past, I still find loads of great things I never used in there/ I think I have a really specific style so I know what I like and what immediately attracts me and gets the ideas going. 



Loose Fit T-Shirt

What inspires your  collections and aesthetic and how do you keep it relevant? 
GAÏA GAÏA is a laidback luxury brand, inspired by art, pop culture and women with a strong sense of independence. The brand aesthetic is casual and feminine but not without an air masculine energy. Crafted from superior fabrics and produced only in very limited quantities, GAÏA GAÏA offers a conscious approach to the future of luxury casual wear.  GAÏA GAÏA is a non seasonal brand — we only produce and release garments that we are truly passionate about.

Do you have a favourite style in your first collection?
Personally I love the basic sweatshirt, the shape is really good.


Loose Fit T-Shirt | Basic Loose Fit Sweatshirt

What is something not that many people know about you or your brand? 
I used to own a brand called Zoe Karssen.
I love cats, cheese and chocolate. 
I make art in my free time and sometimes I sell my prints on my instagram account. 



Basic Loose Fit Sweatshirt

What has been the absolute highlight of your brand / career to date?
Having had one brand in your lifetime is hard enough but to launch a second one is a highlight for me. Here’s to feeling the fear, and doing it anyway!   

What are you listening to right now? 
I usually go onto my husbands mixcloud. There’s lots of random music on there! 



What are you watching at the moment? 
YouTube makeup tutorials from Jen Atkin ha ha ha 



Describe your style in three words: 
Tomboy, tailoring, easy chic. 

What’s your daily go-to outfit? 
I’ve always got a t-shirt on with some kind of shirt over the top, either in jeans or tailored trousers and well worn in Vans. 



Balloon Fit Hoodie | Balloon Fit Sweatshirt

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been  given? 
Be kind & nice don’t be an asshole.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
A GAÏA GAÏA classic white tee
A GAÏA GAÏA classic black tee
A great piece of jewellery 
The perfect pair of black slim fit jeans 
A pair of vans (need to be well worn in)
A great white shirt that can be used as an over shirt 
A cap 



Basic Loose Fit T-Shirt | Loose Fit T-Shirt

What’s your favourite thing about living in Amsterdam?
I enjoy the ease of living in a capital city thats actually pretty small, you can walk/bike everywhere and connect with people very easily. 


Can you share with us any of your local hidden gems? 
The best hidden Italian in town (for the locals) – de Curtis, Lindengracht 248 H, 1015 KM Amsterdam.



de Curtis, Amsterdam

Where is your favourite destination of all time and why?
I totally LOVE Miami!!!! I don’t know what it is but every time I go there I feel so content. I love how everyone is so friendly, I love the beaches, the restaurants, the architecture, the hotels. It’s my happy place.

Where to from here, what’s next for GAÏA GAÏA? 
It’s all about building a healthy brand for the next few years. Slowly but surely we would like to sell to more stores and continue to attract more lovely fans of the brand! I would also love to do a collaboration in 2021 but lets see…



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