Superette Dope Dads: Will Sked of Status Anxiety

With Father’s Day just around the corner we took 5 minutes to catch up with some of the Dopest Dads around. First on our list was Will Sked – the founder of Status Anxiety and father of three. 



What’s the best thing about being a Dad? 

Being crash tackled when you get home from work and book/story time.




What’s your favourite thing to do with the kids?

We have 3 kids (1, 3, 5 years old) and they all (like me) love getting in the inflatable boat in the local rock pool.





What advice would you go back and give yourself pre-dad life?

Enjoy peace and quiet now… it’s not going to last.




Are there any traditions you grew up with that you have continued on with your own kids?

Hanging at the beach pretty much every weekend.

How do you sum up your own personal style? 

I have one overriding style direction… keep it simple. Usually a pair of black jeans and oversized plain tee though have been known to crack out a random (and pretty out there) collared shirt from time to time.



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Has your style evolved much since becoming a father?

A little. Feels like your clothes/style needs to be more adaptable (and comfortable) as a dad. You could be in the same gear all day… like from the beach in the morning and then to a friend’s place in the arvo for a barbie. Before kids you had the luxury of being able to go home and change. Little kids put a stop to that kind of excess.



What’s one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?

My favourite black jeans.



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How much say do you have in the kids style?

100%. In fact, I even add to cart most of my wives’ clothes. Pretty weird hey.



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What’s on the top of your Father’s Day wish list this year?

Just starting to warm up in Sydney so thinking some sort of flotation device for the new pool would have to be up there.


Stuck on how to make Father’s Day extra special for Dad this year? We’ve put together an ultimate gift guide to make your life easier! 

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