Superette Happy Hour: Gochu's Lady Marmalade

Just a hop, skip and a jump from our Commercial Bay store, Gochu is one of the newest members to our fave Auckland eateries. We’ve teamed up with them to bring you their famous Lady Marmalade for your Friday night drinks!


Gochu's Lady Marmalade
- 50ml gin
- 20ml lime juice
- 1 tsp marmalade (preferably lime)
- 1 tsp simple syrup (depending on how sweet/bitter your marmalade is)
- 1 egg white
- Large sprig thyme
- Combine ingredients in shaker
- Dry shake 30 seconds
- Add ice to shaker and shake another 30 seconds or until chilled
- Strain into chilled coupe
- Garnish with sprig of thyme





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