Meet the Maker: Lucy Folk

Lucy Folk originally studied gold and silversmithing in Melbourne before launching her eponymous label in 2007. Over the past 13 years Lucy has slowly but surely built her business in to a globally recognised brand worn by the likes of Beyonce, Margot Robbie and Zoe Kravitz to name a few.


Lucy in her Melbourne Showroom , image via The Design Files 

When and how did Lucy Folk come about?

The brand started back in the 2000’s. I was making jewellery for my cousin Arabella Ramsay’s fashion shows and then it became something shortly after. I would say 2007 was the first official year and then when I opened my first store everything changed.


LUCY1 copy


How would you describe the Lucy Folk customer?

Spirited, colourful, discerning, empowered, individual.



Lucy Folk Taco Friendship Bracelet | Lucy Folk Rock Formation Earrings


Any advice you would give to someone thinking of starting a brand?

Try to ensure you have a good foundation around you to help get things off the ground. Patience is something you need to learn. Know what you want to say and keep finding ways to say it. Continually be aware of striking a balance between sticking to your guns, trusting your gut, and knowing how to collaborate and be flexible.



Lucy Folk’s PLAYA store in Sydney, image via The Design Files


What’s your design process and is there anything you do to help to get the ideas rolling?

My design process is driven by my travel and experiences. It could be as simple as a textural wall reference in a house. I will always find a theme first. This gives the collection context and the stories can flow from this point.


What inspires your collections and aesthetic and how do you keep it relevant?

My life, art, travel, food, music, film. I grew up in a creative family and I have learnt that it’s not so much about relevance but about backing yourself and creating an original point of view. I really believe if you are continually true to believing in what you do, maintaining relevance comes naturally.




Do you have a favourite style that you’ve created over the years?

I will always wear my anchovy cuffs every day. I love that this piece was inspired by the texture of such a smelly little fish that people love to hate.



Lucy Folk Slice of Heaven SunglassesAnchovy Cuff 


What is something not that many people know about you or your brand?

I am a trained gold and silversmith. Originally, I created all the jewels myself.



Lucy Folk Anchovy Hoop Earring | Lucy Folk Anchovy Cuff 


What has been the absolute highlight of your brand / career to date?

Moving to Paris was a dream of mine. When I presented our Resort collection Ettore Blues intimately in my apartment with the help of some people I highly admire I was proud and very relaxed!



Lucy’s Parisian Apartment, images via Lonny


What are you listening to right now?

Right this minute… Pyramid song by Echo Collective.


What are you watching at the moment?

Tonight we are going to watch Cinema is Everywhere – a documentary about the power of film and how it shaped our world according to three narratives set in India, Scotland and Tunisia.




Describe your style in three words:

Textural, eclectic, comfortable



Lucy Folk Slice of Heaven Sunglasses | Lucy Folk Donna Sunglasses 


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To take risks and live every day like it’s your last.


LUCY2 copy


What should every woman have in her jewellery collection?

A beautiful chain necklace that you never take off.


Where abouts are you based?

Noosa Heads



Noosa Heads


Can you share with us any of your local hidden gems? (Could be food, shopping etc. any must see’s / do’s)

Blue Plum for a delicious low key Japanese lunch. Someday’s for Pizza. Noosa National Park for walks, lazy afternoons at remote beaches and some nice waves.



Blue Plum | Somebody’s Pizza


Where is your favourite destination of all time and why?

I find Japan fascinating. It’s a complete culture shock. Every time I am there I have the best time. It’s a sensory overload.


Where to from here, what’s next for Lucy Folk?

I am having a baby in 8 weeks and staying put. It’s an exciting new personal chapter.



Lucy Folk Relic Ring 




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