Rickie Dee on starting Superette, her day to day life and ultimate beauty routine…

Our co-founder & director Rickie Dee started Superette with her business partner James at just 21. “We were both working in jobs that we just didn’t love, the passion for what we were doing wasn’t there anymore. Inspired by some of our trips overseas we then came up with the idea of heading to Australian Fashion Week and bringing back brands that we loved to sell in an industrial space on Drake Street in Freemans Bay.” 18 years and Superette has grown from a single store to eight brick and mortar locations and an ever-expanding online platform. This week we picked Rickie’s brain on all things Superette, where she finds inspiration and her sought after beauty routine.

Untitled-1_13-Jun-25-2020-11-17-00-68-PMRickie Dee at the Superette office wearing the Zimmermann Empire Batik Blouse and Agolde Riley High Rise Crop Jean


“There really is no typical day for me! It totally depends on the time of year. Sometimes I’m super deep in buying other weeks I’m focused on a totally different area in the business. One thing that stays consistent is the reporting and analysis of data which happens every day. Every team as their own projects and I love being across the insights, it helps us to see what is really working and what we might be missing.”



“I love the fact that the business of fashion is constantly changing. There’s always new brands, trends, styles and challenges popping up. We love a good challenge as it means we have to initiate new ideas or concepts and develop new processes to overcome them.” And her proudest moments? “Obviously my three babies are my proudest accomplishment but within Superette I would have to say every new store we open is a really proud moment for me. The entire Superette team has to work together to create this new baby. It’s a process that I absolutely love and don’t think I’ll ever get bored of.”





“I don’t overthink it! I get asked a lot if I plan my outfits the night before but the truth is that I don’t! Every morning I have a think in the shower about what I’m feeling for the day ahead and it’s totally determined my mood, the weather, where I’m based for the day… Naturally, I love to dress up but I am busy both at work and at home so there has to be a certain level of comfort, you won’t see my tutuing around in stilettos all day!”


Untitled-1_11-Jun-25-2020-11-17-01-15-PMRickie at home with youngest daughter Kai wearing the SIR Indre Open Back Midi Dress 


In the craziness of trying to get the kids ready and on the road to school or often shattered after a busy day in the office, I just try to keep my skincare routine as simple but as effective as possible.” In the morning, Rickie reaches for her Dermalogica Precleanse and Ultraceuticals Hydrating Milk Cleanser “I am a huge fan of Ultraceuticals products as find they really do give amazing results.” Other favourites of Rickie’s include the Vitamin C+ Firming Serum and Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser which she uses on the daily. Much like Rickie’s skincare she tries to keep things pretty simple.


“I’m no makeup artist! I just try to keep things really light and fresh.” Rickie’s must-have products include the La Mer Hydrating Illuminator, Pat McGrath’s Sublime Perfection Foundation and a good lippy from Stila or Nars. “I’m all about trying new products and introducing exciting products in to my routine but once I find something I that really works for me, I’m addicted!”


When I can nab a spare 10 minutes throughout the week, I also love a good sheet mask. My current haves are the M11 Celestial Black Diamond Firming Mask & the Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask. Both leave my skin feeling refreshed and super hydrated. I pop one of these on with a KNC Retinol Eye Masks from Superette in the evening with a cup of tea and the results are awesome!”


Untitled-1_05-Jun-25-2020-11-17-00-99-PMA few of Rickie’s beauty faves


“I’m a real believer in what you put into your body is what you get out of it. It’s a lifestyle choice as opposed to being a chore and I just get hooked on the results I get from certain products. I love The Beauty Chef and WelleCo which we have at Superette and have also been a huge fan of No Ugly for a few years now. I’m totally addicted to their new Skin tonic which is packed full of collagen and amazing vitamins and minerals. We’ve now got a little No Ugly fridge set up in our office for the team so I just grab a bottle when I arrive at the office in the morning or before a meeting and I’m away laughing. It’s such an easy way to incorporate taking something like collagen in your everyday routine. Plus, it tastes amazing which is always a win in my books.”


Untitled-1_07-Jun-25-2020-11-17-00-88-PMThe little bottle that packs a big glowy punch, No Ugly Skin 


“Exercise is also a biggy for me and has become a really important part of my weekly schedule. It’s my way to zone out and take my mind of things for a moment or two. I work out with a personal trainer three times a week where no two sessions are the same, he definitely keeps me on my toes! I also love reformer pilates and try to fit in a few sessions where I can throughout the week. I find this works muscles that I never even knew existed!”





“I love discovering new scents and always a few on rotation. I tend to lean towards musky, woody scents rather than anything super floral or feminine. A few that I always seem to come back to time and time again are Le Labo Santal 33, Dior Rose Kabuki, Byredo Unnamed and Ragdoll LA perfume oil in Sandalwood, Amber & Musk.”


“I try to leave the office around 4.30pm so I can get home to the kids and spend some time with them doing homework and making dinner. This time is definitely a priority for me and we love to sit around the table together to eat dinner and listen to everyone’s stories and tales from the day. I refrain from doing any work until they’ve gone to bed and then I pour myself a glass of wine and pull out my laptop to catch up on emails and set myself up for the next day.

“I then complete my night-time beauty routine, which is pretty similar to the morning except I add the Osmosis Correct Preventative Retinal Serum and I sub out my SPF for the Ultraceuticals Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream.”


Untitled-1_03-Jun-25-2020-11-17-00-91-PMRickie’s fragrance collection 



“I find inspiration everywhere! The internet, on Instagram, walking down the street, our team… I think it’s important to remove yourself from your surroundings get out and about, whether that’s travelling overseas or just within your own neighbourhood. Something will catch my eye which then sparks an idea and it just rolls from there, it’s so random but it works!”



We’ve received a lot of great advice over the years, a lot of it coming from my Dad and James’ Dad Earl who always said to us ‘You can’t sell fresh air!’. Another piece that comes to mind is that ‘It’s never going to be easy otherwise everyone would have their own business’, it’s simple but it’s a goodie!”



We’ve always got something on the go! Commercial Bay was obviously a huge project so now that it’s finally open we’re heading in to full planning mode for Christmas which is always such a fun project to work on. We’ve also got some super exciting collaborations coming up for summer to stay tuned!”


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