5 Minutes with Sanne Sehested of Gestuz

Up close with Gestuz’ founder and Creative Director, from her thoughts about the brand to her work principles and passions.

Untitled-2_01-7Sanne Sehested, founder & creative director of Gestuz

What is your background?

I began my career in fashion at Bestseller at the age of 21 in one of their buying departments and the following ten years were primarily spent in product development and design before launching Gestuz.

Untitled-2_05-6Left to Right: ImaGZ Blouse, BrendaGZ Long V Pullover 

What is great style to you?

The best-dressed women are the ones who radiate confidence and a sense of daring as well as an innate sexiness – not in an obvious way, but that aura of being comfortable in your own skin.

When do you feel happiest about something you’ve designed?

When my ideas become reality and we receive the first collection samples. It’s that moment you try something on and it comes to life on the body – almost changing the way you hold yourself.


What’s an early fashion memory that really stands out to you?

At the age of fifteen I bought a killer white suit consisting of an oversize blazer with ultra-short shorts. I wore it with knee-high socks, Converse and massive hair.

What is your mantra?

Work hard and be nice to people!

Untitled-2_09-2Left to Right: JoyleeGZ Jacket, Cross Scarf 

What guides you in your work?

My invincible passion for Gestuz, fashion and my fellow people. I’ve always got ideas and ambitions about how we’re going to develop and grow.

What do you look back on as a defining moment for Gestuz?

Our AW18 collection, which marks Gestuz’ 10-year anniversary. It’s a reminder of our continued presence in the fashion landscape and it holds a special place in my heart.


BibiGZ Wrap Dress

What do you think femininity means today?

Femininity is a word that pops up a lot in our design studio, but to us it’s multi-faceted. It’s about empowerment, elegance and strength. I find it interesting to explore society’s newfound interest in women’s rights within a fashion context.

Does being Danish influence your work in any way?

I’ve got the best of both worlds in Denmark: Copenhagen, where we have our showroom, is small and intimate, filled with inspiring people. Silkeborg is scenic nature and this is where I live and unwind with my family. In Copenhagen there’s an unwritten rule that anything goes when it comes to style. That’s something I really love.


If you could have lived in any era, which one would it be?

Definitely the 1970s, a decade of unpolished authenticity, free from try-hard vibes. There was a casual sexiness to women’s looks that I find completely mesmerising.

Untitled-2_03-6Left to Right: GajaGZ Shirt, NathGZ Shirt

Do you collect anything?

Amazing experiences with the people I love. I find that memories rather than material things hold much more meaning and last longer.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

“Please don’t be boring”


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