Meet the Maker: Lucie Ferguson of Babyanything

Lucie Ferguson is a contemporary jeweller and with her brand Babyanything she is creating future heirlooms imbued with femininity and timeless style. Lucie shared the  Babyanything story, creative process and her Byron Bay hotspots with Superette.


Lucie Ferguson, Founder of Babyanything 

When and how did Babyanything come about?

Well the name Babyanything was inspired by an ex boyfriend, he said to me one day “Baby I’ll do anything for you, anything, baby, anything”. That was a light bulb moment, I was already making jewellery, pieces for him, my family, and myself but it gave me a brand new word and the meaning behind the word was pure love. The idea of gifting someone jewellery with that meaning already attached, devotion of another or even devotion to oneself, the jewellery will always remind you of that. That was 2006; I was 2 years into my fine arts degree in Jewellery and Object design, so I was making pieces for the range outside of assignments for University.




How would you describe the Babyanything customer? 

The last range ‘Cool Girl’ gave me a chance to write an ode to the BA customer –

She is strong, kind and cool as hell.

She is empathetic.

She is the girl you want to follow down the street and ask where her outfit is from.

She always has a lyric stuck in her head.

She is planning her next adventure.

Her friends are her family.



From Left to Right:  Mini Saint Diamond Cross Necklace, Aurora Necklace 


Any advice you would give to someone thinking of starting a brand?

Be passionate and authentic. Every person on earth has a different perspective on everything we experience. I am sure yours is valuable, so be smart and get educated with ways to help you move your vision forward. There is only one you, so make a mark on the world, make it better, touch people’s hearts and minds if you can. This is what I wish I could have told my younger self – Be Selfish: Do not give your whole heart, personality and life to the businesses; keep some for yourself, you will need it.


What’s your design process and is there anything you do to help to get the ideas rolling?

When I feel like I need a push I have muses that I have drawn on during the creative process for inspiration; I am strongly influenced by the 70’s era, the fashion, music and culture. I look at images of my mum from the 70’s from the east coast of Australia, or from her overseas trips to Europe and design and make pieces I think she would have worn. Right now I seem to have lots of mantras repeating in my mind that I feel like might have to come out in future pieces. They are like lessons I have learnt, or am learning at the moment and I am feeling the need to make them into medallions for others to benefit from.


What inspires your  collections, your aesthetic and how do you keep it relevant? 

I make pieces that I want to wear, designing original pieces is a joy for me and there is always a kaleidoscope of designs floating around in my imagination. When I start getting the prototypes together for pieces I have been thinking of, that is when I can see the collection clearly, I always want my pieces to be part of a continuous collection of heirloom treasures for the wearer. I see a muse in my head for how I want to communicate the collection through the campaign really clearly. She often shows both a feminine softness and masculine cool vibe that is the brand DNA of Babyanything coming though in each collection. I think it will always be relevant because it is more about buying the items you love and connect to and just keep adding to your collection over the years, rather than being trend based.




Do you have a favourite style that you’ve created over the years?

The Talisman zodiac medallion has made me so proud. I wear it and I feel effortlessly cool. It gives me a Carrie Bradshaw vibe, just as much as a chic French girl vibe and I made it in 3 sizes because in my wildest dreams, I can picture an amazing beauty wearing all three lengths together, some on pearls, some on gold chains, resulting in a curated mess of Cool Girl vibes! I also made the large zodiac medallions into a pair of earrings that are my most extravagant use of gold, but they are so luxurious and make me really happy when I see them. 


What is something not that many people know about you or your brand? 

Perhaps that I have 9 tattoos, all red ink and all on the right side of my body. Past loves, family members, feelings and experiences are all recorded there for me.




What has been the absolute highlight of your brand / career to date?  

I would say the biggest reality check of mine has been opening the flagship store in Paddington, Sydney. I built the brand from nothing, to have a bricks and mortar space that personifies the BA aesthetic is a constant highlight to me. Being stocked in OS retailers such as Superette has certainly been a pinch me moment also.



From Left to Right:  Star Crossed Ring, Girl Ring with Diamonds


What are you listening to right now?

HAIM – all of their songs are heaven, I’m currently learning the dance for the latest film clip ‘I know alone’. Then I always have Fleetwood, Springsteen, Tom Petty and Neil Young on high rotation.


What are you watching at the moment?

Normal People. I have already watched it twice and am going for round three. I LOVED the novel by Sally Rooney, but the TV show has exceeded any expectations I had. I want to move to Ireland and find Connell!



From Left to Right: Haim, Normal People’s Connell


Describe your style in three words:

Effortless, Cool, LA vibe.


What’s your daily go-to outfit?

Right now it is a pair of Isabel Marant paint splattered overalls, a cropped Re-done singlet or vintage Harley tee underneath and Vans or Chanel sandals on my feet. I don’t leave the house without my Devotion drop earrings, lightening bolt studs, fists full of rings and on the neck my Saint Christopher and Signature heart pendant are on high rotation.



Lucie’s sister Elle Ferguson wears the Aurora Necklace


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been  given? 

I would like to give the following advice to myself now – Do not get stuck; continue to reassess if the business is making your heart happy and try and move away from areas in the business that are killing your creativity. Be indulgent, follow what inspires you, and fill your cup up to the brim and life will be wonderful! 

What should every woman have in her wardrobe or jewellery collection?

I think some vintage 501 light denim Levis jeans and an oversized denim jacket are non-negotiable, a pair of Chanel Sandals or ballet flats would help you take that outfit anywhere. Jewellery – a gold chain with a medallion is the base for any effortless jewellery look. The meaning behind the medallion should make you feel like you are wearing an extension of your personality. Then I would go diamond eternity pinkie ring for effortlessly cool vibes and some stacked gold rings, the more you have got the better. I am biased to yellow gold, but white and rose are all beautiful as long as it is en masse. Then an initial earring for yourself or a loved one in one ear and a crescent moon in the other.



Where abouts are you based?

I am based between Bondi, Byron and the Central Coast, all in NSW Australia.


Can you share with us any of your local hidden gems? 

All my best recommendations are for Byron bay spots. Stay at The Atlantic and experience the real bliss of Byron, eat breakfast and lunch at Topshop café – get takeaway and eat it down at Captain Cook beach between swims. For Dinner go to the Roadhouse and order the mushroom pizza and slaw salad and chat for hours over candlelight. To shop:  get to Nagnata in the industrial estate for some seriously cool girl coloured mini dresses and bike pants and visit the tie dye shop in town for some serious Byron hippie vibes. 



From Left to Right: The Atlantic Byron Bay, The Top Shop Cafe


Where is your favourite destination of all time and why?

The first thing that just came to mind was the Rosebowl vintage market in LA, for me when I visited there I felt like it was Christmas day. The pieces, the people watching, I was in heaven, my creative juices were flowing. Country wise, I loved Italy, it stole my heart and Bali and I have a special connection- Ubud just keeps pulling me back.


Where to from here, what’s next for Babyanything?

Sky is the limit! I am working on finding a space to expand the Babyanything head office and allow space for the creativity to really flow. That would facilitate a bigger workshop and more jewellers to come on full time.



Lucie in her Paddington boutique 



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