Camilla Freeman-Topper’s Mother’s Day Plans

How Camilla & Marc’s Creative Director Camilla Freeman-Topper will be spending Mother’s Day with her family this year.



How will you spend Mother’s Day?

This year, I’m deeply appreciating that I can be with my children and hold them close on Mother’s Day.  There are so many of us that can’t be with our mother’s this year and my thoughts and virtual hugs will be with all the mum’s on the frontline who can’t be with their children during this time. 

 There is nothing on earth I love more than to simply be with my children, spending long days together laughing, cooking and sharing a meal together, and that’s how I will spend my day. Leudi, Missy and Wolfie always make it a special day, whether it’s making me breakfast or creating a beautiful card – the day is like one big hug for the soul. 



Camilla in the Francesca Blazer; Camilla with her children in New York

What does motherhood mean to you?

It’s this magical, rewarding, hilarious and often exhausting journey. It’s such a huge part of who I am that it’s hard to put into words, but for me, simply, it’s all about love. No matter what the obstacle or challenge or issue you might be facing with being a parent, if you pour love into your children and connect with them from the heart, you can’t lose. It’s not always easy, but in many ways it’s simple. For me, it’s about connecting deeply with my children and then ushering them into the world with as much heart and wisdom that I can instil.  The reality is that for all our success with the brand and all we’ve accomplished with this business, it pales in significance compared to being a mum. It really is everything to me.



How do you keep the memory of your own mother alive for your daughters?

Beyond the nurturing, deep love and parenting skills she taught me, I see her daily in the most subtle ways. The love she shared was felt by everyone and that feeling of unconditional love is the most valuable thing you can hold dear as a child. My daughters are really strong and fearless but at the same time very gentle girls, and I see my mother in them everyday. They have their own opinions and aren’t afraid to share them, just like mum, and  it’s beautiful to feel that there is a generational passing on of those qualities.

 My mother’s cooking was so special – I have an old recipe book of hers that I have kept and still cook her favourite recipes to this day. It’s a way to connect my children to my mother in very sensorial ways and they especially love her Gazpacho soup. It’s incredible the bonds you can create through food. I love the idea that this is something special and timeless they can pass on to their children one day.




What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me humility and also helped me to release any expectations and just let go. Children change you in ways you can’t even imagine. Mine have taught me to be more patient, more understanding, more compassionate and more full of awe than you’d ever think possible. I think it’s less about what motherhood has taught me, and more about what my children reflect, and who it’s helped me to become. I’ll never not love that.



Camilla wears the Frost Shirt 

What will you be wearing this Mother’s Day?

I’ll be wearing knitwear and leisurewear from our latest A/W20 collection, pieces that are very simple and effortless. I love the new Halley knit in rust with our Prosper track pant in oatmeal.


From Left to Right: Marguerite Blazer, Sadie Hoodie 


From Left to Right:  Agnes L/S Tee, Wilde Tee 


From Left to Right:  Rowe Top, Penelope Skirt



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