ZOE & MORGAN | Sirocco

For Zoe & Morgan’s 30th collection ‘Sirocco’ they took a trip to Morocco. Whilst exploring the colourful and ancient Medina of Marrakech, they could see why Talitha Getty, Yves Saint Laurent and other fabulous characters flocked here in the 60s and 70s. Around every corner are new delights for the senses, intricate architecture, hidden riads and a feeling of continuity of history.

This collection is named after Sirocco, which comes from the warm, dry wind that travels up from Africa and through the Sahara desert. The sirocco winds could be felt while shooting and reflected the idea of freedom, which is a core value at Zoe & Morgan.

The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean-cut geometric textures, graphic lines, and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear. Favourites such as Chrome Diopside – a beautiful bright green stone, and Brown Zircon – one of the oldest dated materials, feature throughout the collection.

Every piece of the Sirocco collection is designed to be worn together or layered with your other treasured Zoe & Morgan jewels.

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