What we’re doing this Valentines Day…

Love is in the air this week so we spoke to a few members of our team and extended Superette family to see what they have planned this Valentine’s Day…

Candace |  Digital Marketing Co-ordinator at Superette

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?  Meeting with some of my girlfriends for dinner & a few cheeky wines! The hubby will be at home looking after the kids for me!

What’s on the top of your Valentine’s Day wishlist this year? Since you’re asking, the Anine Bing Alice Bag would be fab… I’m also currently obsessed with our new Significant Other Neptune Dress and Steele Mabel Knit Top.

From Left to Right: Anine Bing Alice Bag, Significant Other Neptune Dress, Steele Mabel Knit Top

Laice |  Key Account Manager at Superga

What are your plans this Valentines Day?  What we do best: Wine & pasta!!! We go out for dinner quite a lot so when it comes to V-Day we prefer to cook at home (my fave is slow-cooked Lamb Ragu Pappardelle) so I will be hinting for Dougie to cook this. And a nice Italian Chianti to match.

Any outfit plans? I LOVE clashing colours & of course always with a pair of our Club S sneakers!! If I had to change to out for dinner it would change it up with some boots for sure!

From Left to Right: Superette Cove Pants, Camilla & Marc Antonelli Long Sleeve Top, Superga Club S Sneakers

Bryce | Distributor / CEO of Nudie Jeans Co Australasia

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?  Make pancakes for my wife for breakfast before I break her the news that I have to fly to Perth that day…shhhhh

Current faves?  This photo was taken last week in Hawaii where we got married over 7 years ago wearing the new Nudie Jeans Erling Swim Shorts made from recycled polyester (very rare site not seeing me in jeans!). My new favorite pair of jeans that is actually a new fit yet to be launched (July…stay tuned!!), we have just been sent a sample to start breaking in therefore no images yet!!

From Left to Right: Nudie Jeans Co Arvid Shirt, Nudie Jeans Co Erling Swim Shorts, Vans Old Skool.

Meighan | Planning Assitant at Superette

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?  We are heading to Madam Woo for dinner! Yum!

Any outfit plans? I’m currently loving our Rough Studios Hanne Top from Superette International, the Superette Cove Pants in Black and the Dylan kain Mathilde Bag that has just arrived!

From Left to Right: Rough Studios Hanne Top, Superette Cove Pants, Dylan Kain Mathilde Bag.

Emma | Founder and Director of La Tribe

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? We planned a surprise trip to Bryon bay for a best friends 40th birthday pressie so we’ll be over here for Valentine’s Day!  We’ve booked lunch at Raes on Watgos in Byron – a beaut spot and fav for us! We love travelling so our present to each other was staying a few nights at the Byron Beach Abodes ‘Magnolia House’ with friends.

Any outfit plans? I’ll be wearing my La Tribe studded sandals, freshwater pearl hoops with a simple silk slip.

From Left to Right: Silk Laundry 90s Slip Dress, La Tribe Studded Sandals, La Tribe Snake Silk Scarf

Chereen | People Experience Lead at Superette

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? We are doing fish and chips on the beach with the puppy!

Any outfit plans? Agolde shorts (best thing I’ve ever purchased), Superette Boyfriend Shirt with a saucy bra!

From Left to Right: Superette Boyfriend Shirt, Agolde Parker Vintage Loose Cut Off Shorts, Le Petit Trou Folie Bralette

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