Buyers’ Diary: PARIS

Our Womenswear Buyers, Rickie and Josie, recently returned from an epic buying trip to Paris, so we caught up with our favourite fashionistas to get the inside scoop on what they got up to in La Ville-Lumière

What was the highlight of your trip?

Being in a city so full of heritage. Every time we felt jet lagged we would remind ourselves where we were and to enjoy every second. Whizzing around from showing to showing meant we covered a lot of ground and got to see so many different areas. Another highlight was the food and drinks. We stumbled across so many hidden gems that served us fresh seafood we hand selected from the ice, to truffle pizza, to margaritas that made you feel like you were in Naples.

What new styles and trends did you see that got you really excited?

We loved seeing snake print come through. Bright neon hue’s paired back with monochromes and tans were prominent, and a definite trend in tailoring and workwear being more acceptable outside the office too.

What’s your all-time favourite thing about Paris?

How nonchalant the French are. In the best way! They aren’t worried about anyone else but themselves.  It was so cool to see so many different styles and no one looked twice. It was refreshing and we took that back home with us as a good reminder to not care so much about what people think.


What’s your go-to shopping destination while visiting the city?

Le bon marché for your boutique department shopping. They even have an underground level called The Cave which is wall to wall covered in different regions of wines + champagne. It was heaven! And any French pharmacy – you can get all your fancy French cosmetic brands for a fraction of the price.

Your 3 essentials for when in Paris? 

 1. A phone charger. We used a lot of juice on maps which ran our batteries dry. One of the days we had to ask a friendly barista to charge our phones while he made us the best Croque Monsieur Frites of our lives.
2. We were there in peak winter so a good fur jacket was essential. Our Jakke faux furs kept us super snug from leaving first thing in the morning to coming back to our hotel after dinner.
Caffe latte – lots of it!

Last but not least – your favourite spots to eat and drink?

Wild & the Moon – for the best selection of cold-pressed juices and a granola power bowl to start a busy day. There were all sorts of juices and nut milks to suit all moods named after clever anecdotes- even a ‘Hollyweed’ to calm anxiety. Guess what they put in there, ha!  

Pizzeria Popolare for their truffle pizza. You need to get there bang on open at 7pm as there is already a line out the door. People were lining up all night in the snow! It’s that good.

The ‘Honesty Bar’ at our Hotel. We had the best wee mezzanine bar that was self-service, you just had to write down what you had. Genius! We spent a fair few evenings there winding down after our busy days. 

Your taste of Paris doesn’t have to end here – check out our epic Parisian edit for more.

Au revoir! x

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