Superette x Hey Tiger ‘One For Me One For You’

Hey Tiger is probably one of the most exciting brands to launch at Superette! They’re all about that delish bite of vegan chocolate goodness!

Founder and CEO Cyan Ta’eed’s Hey Tiger journey started in 2016 after travelling abroad, where she witnessed chocolate brands doing some pretty epic things – things that appealed to her more than anything she was seeing the chocolate brands in Australia do.

Cyan tried and tested several chocolate bars from her own kitchen every day after work, and eventually, she found two amazing chocolatiers to help develop a range of chocolate that would blow people away.

Not only does it taste delicious, but Hey Tiger was set up as a company owned by a charitable trust, and partners with not-for-profits to fund development projects in cocoa farming communities in West Africa. Talk about a guilt-free treat!

Hey Tiger’s aim is to create a new type of luxury brand that exists to make the world a little bit better, so we couldn’t think of a more epic chocolate brand to partner up with to create our own mind-blowing chocolate!

Our Superette x Hey Tiger collab is our very own creation of rich and smooth hazelnut butter in a deep and delish dark chocolate. I mean, enough said, you absolutely need to try it for yourself!

Shop our Superette x Hey Tiger ‘One For Me One For You’ chocolate bar online and in stores now!

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