Ever wondered what goes on in the life of our very own Rickie Dee? We sat down with her to discuss some of her favourite things, places and spaces and found out how technology and art go hand in hand at Superette HQ.

Spot the Frame TV… Rickie wears the SIR Marceau Detailed Mini Dress  & Superette Round Drop Earrings.

How do your days usually start?

I’m usually up early to get myself sorted before the kids are awake. From there it’s a bit of madness getting everyone sorted for the day ahead! I’m then on the school run and off to the office.

Define your style

I like to be comfy and cosy but with a bit of an edge! I like to mix and match and pair the unexpected like an amazing statement skirt with an oversized vintage print sweat or a beautiful dress with a studded boot.

What are your go-to pieces at the moment?

Ooooh, this list is pretty long but at the moment I am loving the Superette ‘Leopard Denim Mini’, Anine ‘Tara Bag’, One Teaspoon ‘Vanguard Skirt’, Frame ‘Le Skinny High’, Camilla & Marc ‘Philomena Jacket’ and the Rough Studios ‘Duff Dress’ from our amazing new Superette International range.

From Left to Right: Camilla & Marc Philomena Jacket, Anine Bing Tara Bag, Superette Leopard Mini

Heels or flats?

I’m a heels bird, but for everyday, I’m in flats! I have just got my hands on a pair of our new Superette x Beau Coops Gladiator Sandals – they are amazing!

What are the must-have items everyone needs to own this summer?

A white tee, distressed denim and a touch of leopard. Can never say no to a good leopard print – shoes, jeans, belts… you name it!

Any plans for the summer?

We’ll be spending lots of time at home this Summer. We’ve spent the last 11 months renovating so looking forward to enjoying it. We already can’t get the kids out of the pool! I also always look forward to barbies, eating seafood and drinking good wine. I am definitely a summer person as opposed to winter!

Matching our Frame to the outfit of the day! Rickie wears the Camilla & Marc Dimmer Blazer, Superette Wide Strap Tank & Superette Round Drop Earrings.

What inspires you at the mo?

I am inspired from everything around me… the magazines I read, the Superette team of amazing people we have, my pin board in my office, travel and just people out on the street.

How would you describe your interiors style?

Both at home and in our office we have a pretty neutral colour palette, lots of clean lines and pieces that are not only functional but also beautiful. I also always love to have fresh greenery dotted around, it just brings the space to life and is such a good way to change up the overall feeling of our office. Wonder Florals does the most amazing arrangements! The team changes our Frame TV most days to match any fresh flowers we’ve got going on, it’s such a good way to mix things up!

How would you describe the Superette Office?

It’s always buzzing! We have lots of exciting things going on every day. Our office is full of natural light which we absolutely love and makes it a really nice space to spend time in. We have lots of art here in the office which really helps to liven up the space! Also, nothing would work around here without technology so for us it’s about finding that balance between amazing pieces that make the space more homely and functional tech that keeps the cogs turning day to day. Our Samsung Frame TV is the perfect addition to our office as we can use it for product viewings and team meetings but when not in use it blends in seamlessly.

One of these things is not like the others… Our Frame TV is blending in nicely.

After you’ve left the office for the day, how do you spend your evenings?

Most nights are spent hanging with the kids, catching up on their days and chilling in front of the TV!  We also love going out with friends and family – our favourite places at the moment are Blue Breeze, Prego (always great with kids) and Amano.

Rickie wears the Zimmermann Tempest Lace Up Dress, Reliquia Star Sign Necklace, Sarah & Sebastian Insignia Chain & Superette Round Drop Earrings

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