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You don’t always have to own the brand to be the mum behind it! We spoke with Morgan Collett & Colin Tunstall, two-thirds of the Saturdays NYC trio, about their favourite ‘mum moments’ and the unconditional support they’ve received along the way. 

How would your Mum describe you? 

Colin: Creative and adventurous. 

How would you describe your mum?

 Morgan: Independent. Smart. loving. Beautiful. Strong. Really strong. 

Whats your favourite home cooked meal that Mum makes?

Colin: Spätzle.

Morgan: Lamb Meatballs

 If you had to pick one, what’s the most memorable moment with your Mum?

 Colin: Not a specific moment, but just knowing she has always been there. Always on my side. 

 Morgan: I just love being home at my mum’s house. Laying on her couch and talking with her.  There is so much comfort and safety I feel there. I get overwhelmed with love and memories growing up.

Your mums must be so proud of what you’ve achieved so far – what were their initial reactions when you told them you were starting a fashion company? 

 Colin: Concerned. Not understanding the business and the idea of opening a Surf Shop in Manhattan was making her nervous. 

 Morgan: I think she just said good luck. Hahahaha. It was a huge undertaking and I don’t think anyone in my family knew how to react. But now she is beaming with pride. She came to Sydney when we opened our store in Bondi and it was so nice having her with me. 

What do you think of your Mums style? 

 Colin: She’s always been frugal. Buying things that last for a long time. 

Morgan: My mom’s style is boss. She is super active. Paddling, riding her bike and running around town with my 2 nephews. She has her own spin on style. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from your Mum? 

Colin: Pushing me into situations I might not have done on my own.  

Morgan: To always be confident in your decisions. Good or bad, they will make you into who you are. 

From Left: Bowery Saturdays NYC Sweater, Mitch Henley Branded L/S Tee and Sanders Loop L/S Tee.

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