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Family, friends and co-founding one of Australasia’s leading homeware companies, Hayle Pannekoecke has a lot on her plate. We spoke to one of the brains behind Kip & Co for a debrief on mum life and managing a healthy balance. 

What do you love most about being a mum?

Cuddles on tap! 

How do you find a balance between work and home life?

It’s often super hectic and exhausting but it’s important to me to work and I really enjoy it. The challenges of juggling work and home life are all part of it. My kids are now all at school so working out a balance is much more straightforward. 

What advice would you give to mums out there struggling with the work/life balance? 

You hear it all the time but the hardest part about being a working Mum is making yourself feel guilty when you’re spreading yourself a bit thin.  Don’t beat yourself up. Consider ways you can make your job easier. Plan ahead and get up early before the kids do to get organised and keep ahead. It’s really important to set up a good support network around you.

Pre-kids, did you ever see yourself being a full-time mum and full-time business owner?

Kate (Hayley’s sister and co-founder) and I worked for ourselves for several years before having kids but the ideas I had around how I would combine the two were actually quite different to reality. Being flexible and adaptable is pretty important. 

How have your carer priorities changed since becoming a mum?

My career isn’t my priority. I work to live and like to keep it in perspective. I’m super lucky I enjoy what I do and love the people I work with. 

How would your kids describe your job?

I just asked them and they said you make clothes and bedding. Huh! Simple. 

Do your kids have any say in the design process? 

We are always asking them if they like this or the other. My eldest Chloe loves giving us creative input.  We joke that she will be our creative director by the time she’s 18. 

Being a mum is hard work, whats your ideal ‘treat yourself’ moment? 

Every 2 years my girlfriends and I head to Bali for a week together to simply laze around talking and relaxing in the sun. I love every minute of getting back to ‘me’. My husband and I make sure we factor in this time for ourselves also. It keeps us sane and fuels us as parents. 

What are your plans for Mothers Day this year? 

We are heading to my favourite restaurant Clay Pots in Melbourne for lunch and then to the football in the afternoon. 

From Left: Cotton Quilt Cover, Tassel Throw and Velvet King Quilt Cover.

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