Mums Behind The Brand — Bassike

Not only is she one half of a fashion empire, Mary-Lou Ryan is also a mum. To celebrate those who do it all, we sat down with the co-founder of Bassike to talk lifestyle and managing a healthy work-life balance. 

What do you love most about being a mum?

I love watching my 2 boys Barney & Bobby grow into their own being & when they tell me they love me, that’s pretty special too.

How do you find a balance between work and home life?

It’s certainly a juggle, but making sure you are organised and have a good support team around you allows for thigs to certainly flow.

What advice would you give to mums out there struggling with the work/life balance? 

Know that everything is for a short period of time before it changes, so identify what that is and get support where you can.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mum?

My beautiful mum never got the opportunity to see me as a mum.  However, she had 5 children and refused to get a dishwasher, each night she would wash and one of us would dry up.  This was her opportunity to check in with us one on one and talk, those moments are very precious.  I too now make time one on one to have uninterrupted time where we can be present and spend time together.  It’s a wonderful gift she has left me with.

Being a mum is hard work, what’s your ideal ‘treat yourself’ moment? 

I love having a facial or massage, that 1 hour to just relax is good for everyone.

What are your plans for Mothers Day this year? 

A quiet day, beautiful walk in the morning and a nice lunch together somewhere.

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