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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? We sat down with Sharona, the driving force behind F + H Jewellery, to chat about her latest collection and what’s up next for the brand. 

Can you tell us a bit about F+H jewellery – the story behind the brand? 

I began F+H Jewellery a few years ago, I saw a gap in the market for luxe jewellery with an edge. I find that most jewellery brands are minimalist, bohemian or fine, and I felt like so many brands were creating the same look, but that’s just not my style. I love dressing with a tomboy edge, think velvet tuxedo jackets, Levi jeans and silk shirts or Doc Martins with mini dresses. A little bit feminine and a little bit masculine is my perfect combination. So with F+H Jewellery, I aim to give the wearer an it-girl vibe with my modern statement pieces.

 Whats your source of inspiration behind the latest collection?

Music has always been a huge inspiration for me. Even if it’s not a direct fashion reference, the general mood that I am trying to create is a reflection of the music that I listen to in my office every day. For the Ziggy collection, the it-girl rock-chic vibe was very influenced by the Bowie soundtrack I was listening to at the time. Prior to this, my collections have been influenced by the late 70s disco era and early punk subculture.

 Why trends can we expect to see coming through this season? 

Vintage styling is a huge trend at the moment, such as vintage inspired cross jewellery, stars, large hoops and disc pendants reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. My new Ziggy collection was inspired by Bowie and this 70s to 80s era, so it has a nostalgic feel even though the designs are very clean and modern.

 If you had to pick a favourite piece from the collection, which would it be?

My favourite styling piece from the Ziggy collection is the Fame star earrings, they are great to wear on their own or to layer with other earrings. The star pendant is a favourite with everyone and so easy to wear with any styling look… absolutely perfect for a leather jacket and floaty dress combination.

What other jewellery would you style them with and why? 

I wear these everyday with my ‘Pretty Things’ disc necklace, the disc shaped pendant is really on-trend for this season and it features a matching star motif. I also love the ‘Get Real’ chain ring, so easy to layer and timeless.

 What’s your daily Jewellery routine? 

I wear a mixed combination of mini hoops and interesting studs in my ears every day (I have 5 piercings but desperately need more) and I really like them to be mismatched, I really don’t like the idea of having everything matching. The same goes with rings, I literally pick up a handful in the morning and layer them however I feel, it’s a different combination everyday. With necklaces, I do wear finer pieces through the day, with different lengths so they are perfect for layering. I generally sleep, swim, shower and yoga with my jewellery on everyday… and surprisingly I haven’t lost any yet! 

One piece of Jewellery you couldn’t live without? 

I am obsessed with my ‘Debbie’ femme earrings, they are a design of the female Venus symbol, with hammered metal texture and I love feeling empowered when I wear them.

 Are there any rules you live by when it comes to styling jewellery?  

As they say, rules were made to be broken. I don’t believe in any styling rules, just whatever works for you and makes you feel good. Gold and silver can look great together, so can mixing gemstone colours and layering different ring and earring shapes. It’s all about wearing it with confidence. Own it.

 What does the future look like for F + H Jewellery? 

I am so excited to be working on some great collaborations for 2018, with some iconic Australian brands and influencers, so watch this space.

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